Jun 3, 2015

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Jun 8, 2012

Hot, Cold, Warm

Depression is hot, she said,
a blistering sun on the neck
as I pull weeds in the baking garden.
Depression is cold, she replied,
a fat slush droplet down my collar
as I huddle, umbrella-less, waiting for the bus.
Depression is hot, she said,
the touch of the grill rack
as I flip burgers over flame.
Depression is cold, she replied,
blue-tipped toes in icy sheets
as I shiver by the drafty window.
Depression is hot, she said,
itchy sweat droplets coursing down my legs and back
as I sit in the stifling church, hellfire brimming in my head.

Depression is cold, she replied,
numb fingers fumbling
as I lose a mitten in the drift.
Well, she said,
depression is not, she agreed,

May 3, 2012

15 years... wow.

The promise of living
With hope and thanksgiving
Is born of our loving
Our friends and our labor.

The promise of growing
With faith and with knowing
Is born of our sharing
Our love with our neighbor.

The promise of loving
The promise of growing
Is born of our singing
In joy and thanksgiving.

For many a year I’ve know these field
And know all the work that makes them yield.
Are you ready to lend a hand?
We’re ready to work, we’re ready to lend a hand.

By working together we’ll bring in the harvest,
the blessings of harvest.

We plow plant each row with seeds of grain,
And Providence sends us the sun and the rain.
By lending a arm
Bring out the blessings of harvest.
Give thanks there was sunshine,
Give thanks there was rain,
Give thanks e have hands
To deliver the grain.

O let us be joyful,
O let us be grateful to the Lord
For his blessing.

The promise of living
The promise of growing
The promise of ending
Is labor and sharing and loving.

Aaron Copland - The Promise of Living

Happy 15th Anniversary, Buddy - you are, as you have been since I met you, my hero.