May 23, 2007

Quite the Weekend

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...
Hey, I'm tired, blatent ripoffs should be excused!

Ok, let's do the worst first: Friday night, we packed the car and got all ready to leave early Saturday a.m. We get to bed about 1 a.m.; nerves keep me awake until at least 2 and probably closer to 2:30. No big deal; I'll sleep tomorrow.

Well, no sleep in the car, no big deal. I'll sleep tonight.

Katie didn't sleep. Ok, not quite true. She slept for my parents while we were out with my sister and brother-in-law. She woke up when we got home and screamed or fussed for the entire rest of the night. If we were home, we would have let her scream and fuss after a bit BUT, of course, we were not home and there were other people to consider (though, frankly, given my mother's habit of crashing and banging around in the early a.m. and waking everyone up at ungodly hours, I don't know why we bothered!). So, we didn't sleep. At all. I finally gave up at 7:30 a.m. and got up to let John get a couple hours since he had to drive. I called in sick to work Sunday night. I just couldn't do it.

Ok, that's the worst of times...

The show? Went *ex-treme-ly* well!! Sold a ton of stuff and, what was most gratifying to me, even beyond the profit, was that people bought multiple items so I know they really liked my stuff and weren't just buying out of obligation. I have since heard that my sister's friends are asking when she's going to have another one!! WOOHOO!!!!!! If I can keep up doing shows at that magnitude, I will meet my goal of turning a profit within two years. Praise the Lord and pass the jewelery pliers.

Now I gear up for the Manchester Art Association show a week from Sunday. :) Feeling much better about this whole thing? I am indeed!

Thanks for asking, SmileyMamaT!


May 17, 2007

A Pictorial Update

My beautiful fuschias, because I promised...

Bleeding Heart at the front steps:

Her first ponytail. She looks so grownup. Whimper.

But she's still my baby... This one is for my late Aunt Ann who, one Christmas, gave every single person in my immediate family Groucho glasses (including my grandmother).

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May 14, 2007

Wicked Nervous

So. Saturday is fast approaching. I have my first jewelry home party/exhibit on Saturday. I get to put my artistic vision out there to be loved and admired and purchased... or ignored.

It's a home party, you say; everybody that goes to those knows they're expected to buy something. True enough. So I was looking forward to it. It's at my sister's; she's a born saleswoman with a lot of friends.

(There's a "but" coming, can you tell?)

BUT she's now selling Bijou handbags and plans to sell those at the party as well. Poof, my sales go up in smoke. Or patent leather. Whichever.

Eh, don't mind me. I'm just wicked nervous.

And neurotic.

That too.


May 11, 2007

Rock On!


May 6, 2007

Not Dead, Honest (*edited to fix link - thanks SMT!!*)

Although I am dead tired... ;) and this will be short and somewhat rambling... (We have a newspaper sports columnist here who does this sort of thing occasionally and called it "half-baked Jake" - his name is Jeff Jacobs. No, I'm not sure where I thought I was going with that either.

Well, I have duly completed my 4th decade. We celebrated like mad on the 21st with our friends and more sedately with family on the 28th - let's stretch the fun out!! Unfortunately, all the cake has now been eaten and I'm suffering from chocolate cake withdrawal - cake, damn it, I need more cake!!

I've also entered into (as of Thursday) my 2nd decade of marriage. Yep, we made it 10 years. Hard to believe but there you have it!

The jewelry website ( was recently updated (i.e., I spent my whole frellin' week futzing with thing and, despite a breakdown where all my pictures went bye-bye the other night (thank you VERY much, Jade, for helping me with that!!!!), it's finally up to date. I really ought to split the index pages for each type into more than one page, they're getting overly long but, nope, not now. It will have to wait for the next time around.

I have my first home exhibit for the jewelry in 2 weeks and I'm frantically trying to get ready for that.

I'd really like to get back to my poetry book but, at this point, it just ain't happenin'. It will. Eventually.

Still no luck on the reproductive front. If not this cycle, we go see the doctor to talk about options. Not sure what those options are, given our insurance (which covers diddly-squat) and our unwillingness to do follicle studies, but, hey, I'm game to listen. Probably Clomid. Just what I need ... more raging hormones! Ever since the miscarriage, the emotional aspect of my PMS has been absolutely out-of-control. It's weird. It's like the time they switched my birth control pills from the mini-pill to the not-quite-full-but-not-quite-mini version. Tears at the drop of a hat and c-r-a-n-k-y.

The Katester is turning into quite the todder... no. no. no. no. I think she says that word more to me than I do to her maybe. Suffice it to say, it's probably the most frequently spoken word in our household, exceeding even "potty".

I'm not getting any skinnier thanks to a world-class case of stress-eating BUT I noticed today that a whole day's worth of gardening (all breaking new beds) wasn't 1/2 as tiring as it was last year. So it seems those weights are helping after all.

And, on the last note before I stop boring you all, I found fuschias at the grocery two weeks ago and bought two. I love fuschias and I don't typically find them around here. Well, I didn't know what color they would be but I noticed today that the first blooms have opened and they're the lovely fuschia color on the outside and royal purple on the inside - so pretty! I'll post a pic when I do the next upload.

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