Mar 29, 2011

Consider Me Officially "De-Motivated"

I got a phone call from my boss today. Seems she and her boss (our CEO) had an extended conversation that started with "I love what PPG is doing..." You hear the "but" coming, right? Because there's always a "but". Sometimes, it's just a "but", sometimes a "but" and a "butt in". But there's always a "but". This time, 'twas the latter.

Apparently, the CEO and her pet project managers don't understand my contract review emails, notwithstanding the numerous times I rewrite them, gradually reducing need for extended reading comprehension skills. I'm now to write my reviews at a "third grade reading level"... because, it seems, all these over-educated planners and engineers aren't really literate beyond that.

I suspect, however, given their own writing styles, this stems less from a lack of literacy than from a lack of spine masked as a lack of critical thinking skills. No matter how many times I explain I am not an attorney and that practice of law without a license is illegal, they still don't want to be responsible for their own decisions whether to pursue changes or live with the contract as is.

I was brought up to my heart and soul into the things I do, to give an employer everything in my power to give them. And, in return, I was taught, an employer would be fair and appreciative. It's taken me all these years to figure out that 90% of the employers out there have little integrity and less honor when it comes to their employees. As a GenX, I should've been more cynical but I feel betrayed.

I need to stop caring whether I do the job the right way. Because it's getting in the way of my ability to actually do the job.