Jan 31, 2008

Nervous Little Neurons

Well, tomorrow's the coming out party for Silvery Ever After, wherein my little sterling debutante will flirt with all the chamber of commerce people. I know, I know... I've been technically in business for nearly a year now but tomorrow is my first "Business After Hours". 500 invitations out - 375 to the Chamber of Commerce, another 125 to personal acquaintances.

Now, before you freak out, NO, I do not expect 500 people at my house tomorrow. If I'm lucky, I'll have between 40 and 50, which is a great turnout for a BAH. It's so freakin' hard - not the throwing of a party, that bit I've done many times over - it's the putting my creativity on the line. What if nobody likes it?? That would just suck ass.

And, then, of course, in a month, I have a 2 day women's event in Syracuse - a ball, if you will, as opposed to this little coming out party - that is much more my target market. But tomorrow is making me exceedingly nervous. These are people I know and respect - for them not to like my stuff would be harder to swallow than with total strangers. Which is silly, because I also know that a lot of my stuff is a little more edgy than their conservative tastes. Still, nerves are all a-jangle here.

Eh, I'm probably just overtired.

Jan 27, 2008

It's the End of the Month as I Know It

And I feel... like "oh shit - it's almost the end of the month, I haven't done my year end stuff for the accountant yet, I've got bills to pay for this month, and I've got the Chamber of Commerce coming to my house on Thursday night for a Business After Hours featuring my jewelry. Holy Sh*t, I'd better get busy.


Jan 18, 2008

A Clue That I Should've Taken The Bifocal Option

I looked at a conversation heart. Upon it was printed "lover boy"... I read "lower soy".
Either I'm a bit too fixated on my weight and health issues or I should really have accepted that I need bifocals.



Jan 14, 2008

Two weeks??!

Tempus fugit, indeed. I can't believe it's been two weeks since I was on here. I'd love to report I had some exotically interesting excuse but I don't. Just life getting in the way.

For those who are curious, I did achieve everything on my "To Do" list in the last post with the exception of restarting potty training. (Yes, I am a wimp.) I actually had a most productive weekend last weekend - I got more done on Saturday than I think I've gotten done in several weeks. Of course, there's always more to do. I also got my web update done - WOOHOO!!

I should just say, in case I haven't or in case I have and you've forgotten, how very much I hate updating my website. I hate it so much that I hadn't done it in four months. (Ok, so I was newly pregnant and exhausted enough that I slept every minute I could - in those few minutes I was awake, I could have been updating my website but nooo...) So, it's done. I've started making jewelry for the trunk show at the end of this month, the event at the end of next month (but not the event at the end of the month after that nor for the hippopotamus).

It is nice to be creative again, albeit in a limited way.

So, what else? We're investigating preschools. This is, of course, sooo much fun. Yes, I'm being snide. The Board of Ed program won't work because the kids absolutely have to be 3 by 9/1 (Katie turns 3 two weeks thereafter). The cost on most of the programs is astounding. I think we're probably going to go with the Parks & Rec Dept. program, it being only about $750 for the school year and we have a friend who was really happy with it. The runner up is one in the next town over ($780 for the school year). It sounds lovely but I'm not sure whether I really want to be hoisting my ass that far when class is only 2 hours long - by the time I get there, drop her off, and come back, it will be closing in on time to go back to get her again. The second benefit of the P&R program is proximity. The third is that she will be going to preschool with kids she'll be going to school with - or at least there's a better chance of that (we have 4 elementary schools here).

We considered not doing preschool at all but, frankly, both she and I could use a break from each other - a sentiment which will, no doubt, be fully reinforced when her baby sister arrives - and she really needs the socialization.

Alrighty, should I put down some more goals? Eh, too lazy. Maybe next time!

Jan 1, 2008

Potato Navy

I know, it's kind of a non sequiter, isn't it? Not to mention kind of obscure. Yet, someone somewhere thinks than an email entitled "potato navy" is a good way to sell me prescription drugs. My personal opinion is that they've been taking a few too many of said drugs... ;) *

Well, it's the dawn of another year. I suppose I ought to make resolutions. Problem is I just don't feel like it. Not that I don't stand in need of improvement because, man, there are a ton of things about me that could used to be fixed: weight, fitness, gratitude, organization, quality of mothering, the list goes on and on. No, I think I don't feel like it because I know that I won't manage to keep any resolutions unless they are so lightweight as to be ridiculous and then I will feel guilty that I did not. And, you know, I have no need of extra guilt in my life.

I suppose I should set goals, at least, if I don't make resolutions. Again, by setting goals, one runs the risk of not meeting them, which is depressing.

I think the real reason I find myself so reluctant, though, is that making resolutions or setting goals is a bit too overwhelming when one is just trying to make it from one end of the day to the other without losing it in any number of fashions. I am having real trouble looking out further than a week. With that in mind, here are my goals for this week:
  • refill (and remember to pick up!) the prescriptions
  • investigate the Board of Ed's preschool program in person at the Board of Ed offices
  • play with Katie a little each day
  • restart potty training
  • make a playdate with Katie's friends Bekah & Rachael
  • get my suitcase unpacked
  • pick up Katie's room
  • put the Christmas decorations away
  • call the Chamber of Commerce office to verify that my Business After Hours is set for 1/31 and also verify when the mailer will go out
  • prepare a mailing list and label and stamp the postcards for the Business After Hours for mailing early next week
  • work my allotted hours without wanting to throttle a coworker or high muckety muck
I'm sure there's more but that will get me started, no doubt.

Happy '08 everyone.

*Yes, I do know they use random word generators to get by SPAM filters. This combo just struck me as particularly funny. Something about the mental image of Mr. Potato Head with sail for a hat...