May 30, 2010

Cool Piece

This is Ola Gjeilo's Ubi Caritas set for SSAA. We did it a couple of weeks ago with the full choir; tonight we did it with just 6 singers (5-part divisi). This is the 6-singer version (I forgot my iPod the other day).

Straight up, this isn't the best recording; it's just my iPod and the little Belkin microphone in an incredibly acoustically live church. It doesn't do this amazing piece justice but it'll give you a taste of why I love being a church singer.

Thank you, Ola Gjeilo, for this piece.

ubi caritas.m4a

May 27, 2010

I almost killed someone tonight

I posted a while ago - last year maybe? - about how little touch was in my life. I think today's events are exemplary of the situation.

Traveling westbound, just below the speed limit (32 in a 35) on my way home from choir rehearsal. Truck ahead of me has been waiting but begins its left in time for me to continue westbound without hitting the brake (slowing by taking the foot of the gas only). A motorcycle darts from the left, in front of the truck. He doesn't see me. I don't see him. Until his front wheel visually clears the truck about 10 feet ahead and to the left of me.

I slam on the brakes, yank the wheel to the right - aiming for the driveway on the right but just hoping that I miss the tree - and hit the horn. And praying. A lot. (With maybe a What the fuck!! thrown in for good measure.) (Ok, a distinctly explosive What The Fuck?!!.)

It's close. His pedal hits my driver's side front quarter panel. He uses his foot to kick himself away. I come to a stop before hitting the garbage can (or the tree). He continues on down the road until he realizes that I'm totally freaked out and comes back to make sure I'm ok.

He thanks me for reacting so quickly and apologizes for putting me in that position. He assures me he's fine and his bike is fine; he's more worried about me. (I'm good during crises but tend to get shaky after it's all said and done.) He truly does seem worried about me, too. It's a guy probably 55ish, probably was enjoying his evening thoroughly until I almost killed him, much as I was enjoying the evening until that point. I thank him and he heads back to his bike. I wait for him to leave (I don't want any more motorcycle interactions today, thank you very much) and head home still shaken.

When I get home, J is working on the yard and the kids are playing. I tell him what happened and that I'm pretty shaken up. He seems very ho-hum. I show him the scrape/slight dent to illustrate how close a call it was. His reaction: "He scratched your car?!" then he goes off with the rake. I'm shaking - a man was almost killed, for God's sake. No hug. No touch. No kind words. He refuses to let me put the baby to bed, denying me even that much human contact because he thinks my wanting to put the baby to bed has to do with a judgment on him for not doing it earlier. Because, after all, isn't it all about him?

I need touch from the people I care about. It's not an uncommon need. I've heard them referred as stress touches or grounding touches -a hand on the back as one passes around another, a hug, a casual fingertip brush on the arm, an arm around the shoulders, knuckles stroking across a cheek - just little gestures that people who love each other make without even thinking about it. There's the proof that someone loves you.

Or the proof that they don't.

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once upon a time

heels click
the tiled corridor

hair twists smoothly
skirt falls
jacket tailored

not just


i was
at what i did

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May 3, 2010

A Bit of An Explanation...

A couple weeks ago, I titled a post SEATTLE!!! This was, I realize, a bit inexplicable as the subject of the post (John winning his first jury trial) doesn't seem to relate at all. I almost didn't want to believe it was finally going to happen. You see, I'm going to meet one of my very best friends. We've been trying to do this for, quite literally, years. Add to that, I am traveling All By Myself.

But, today, it's booked. My mastercard is melting (until the "enemy" finally pays up and John gets paid for the case) but it's booked. Open jaws trip: Hartford to Portland, where she'll meet me, then we'll drive down to Seattle and I'll fly home from there.

I, Wife/Mommy/Employee, am going on vacation. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oops, did I "eeee" out loud?