Feb 23, 2007

Another "I Will Never"!

I will never take a non-profit as a client again. Yes, I know I said this the one other time I did work for a non-profit. I mean it this time. These people are even friends of mine and I WILL NOT WORK FOR A NON-PROFIT AGAIN.

Now, I have nothing against non-profits as long as I am not working for them. They are generally filled with lovely people doing underappreciated hard work for excellent causes. But design by committee does not work.

I am a design professional. You, client committee, are not. You are real estate agents, psychics, computer programmers, and clergy. Not, I repeat NOT, design professionals.

So, when you ditch my lovely fonts in your logo for something straight out of the "most overused font book", ignoring all of my information on what kinds of fonts say what kinds of things and why one font works better than another, don't ask me "as a professional" to give an opinion as to which of your lousy choices works better because I'm not going to. Not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent. I will send you back an email that says, "as a professional, my recommendation is neither a straight nor an italic font but a script font as discussed in my prior email on the subject."

LOL... the CD player is talking back to me...
"they love to sing you this fine song when you're in a terrible mood...
hey what a crab, ho, what a crab..."*

Guess that tells me, doesn't it?

*From Sandra Boynton's album "Rhinocerous Tap" (sp?)

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Feb 21, 2007

The Weights

Ok, Cazzie!!, this one's for you because you asked! No suing me, please!

I do a weight routine. I'm supposed to do it 5x a week. I usually manage 4x but I'm figuring that's pretty good considering there's only so much Baby Einstein I can get Katie to watch -- particularly since the only ones that hold her interest are Baby DaVinci and Baby Beethoven! It's only supposed to take 10-15 minutes but it pretty much always takes me 20. Some of us never lost the physical ineptitude that plagued us growing up. It's boring and painful but I do it. I'm making some very slow progress. I used to do an hour (well, it was supposed to be an hour but it took me an hour and 20 -30 minutes) 3x a week but I just can't find that much time in a chunk to do something so torturous.

3 sets of 10-15 reps each

Day 1:
Reverse lunge (like a forward lunge from most exercise tapes but backwards instead)
lateral dumbbell (DB) raises (hold arms at sides while gripping DB, raise straight out/up to shoulder height, and down.)
Stability ball (SB) chest fly (lay with your back on the stability ball (one of those big exercise ball thingies), hold the DB with your arms straight out to either side, raise them up to meet in teh center (your arms should swing in a big arc and still be straight when they meet up.)
Pelvic tilt cruch with legs in air (lay on your back on the floor, hands behind your head in the "traditional" situp position and your legs raised up vertically (they can be bent, that's ok). Now, tilt your pelvis up (a/k/a tuck your bahooty in) and lift your shoulders off the floor at the same time.)

Day 2:
Cone touch with DB (stand on one foot with something that's about 1 ft - 18" high in front of you. With a DB in either hand, bend over and try to touch the something with the hand that's opposite of the foot that you're standing on - i.e., if you're standing on your left foot, try to touch the something with your right hand.)
SB Pushups with pike (still unclear on the pike part of this - the basic SB pushup... lie face down on the ball, the ball should be under your hips, with your hands on the floor. Do push ups.)
Upright row with squat etc., etc.
Kneeling donkey tuck

Day 3:
tube twists
side lungs
archery row
SB lying tricep kickback (another one I'm still unclear on)

Day 4:
Step-ups w/bicep curl using DB
Alternating T-bridges
Lat pull downs
Back bridge using SB

Day 5:
Stiff leg dead lift
Russian twist
squat press
SB swimmer w/DB

I was going to describe all of them but it's getting late and I'm getting tired and I have lots of work-work yet to do so that's all she wrote for this time, folks. Suffice it to say, if you can do the exercise easily, your weights are too light. Unfortunately.


Feb 12, 2007

It's Up!

The website is up and running with a draft webpage. No doubt, I'll be editing a lot over the next few weeks - I definitely want to make the pages more interesting - but, hey, I'm a Dreamweaver novice so I think I did pretty well! As Greta's been known to say, "Can I get a Hell, Yeah!"? Er... your comments (pro and con, actually) would be appreciated.


So now I guess I ought to go do my part time job work, huh? Especially since I've been raiding that time to do the website.


Gonna go work now.




Well, maybe after a well-earned martini!


Feb 4, 2007


You guys are great. Your help in this name choice was invaluable. And, given that there were a couple of names I just couldn't give up even though I decided on this one for the overall site, I have plans for some of the other names as various style lines (i.e., the Onitaria line, the Besilvered line, etc.) as, while I anticipate each piece being one of a kind, I also anticipate having pieces with similar themes.

So there's the logo. I'm quite pleased with it. It's simple but clean. When I get a little money, I'd like to have some tags printed up to send with the jewelry - silver ink on black paper. Like it?

Now all I need to do is (a) build the site: quite a challenge for someone who doesn't yet know Dreamweaver and (b) make some more jewelry so I have enough to offer!