Sep 27, 2006

It Is Done

Rainbow Bridge

I can't bear to write more now.

Sep 22, 2006

Brooke David Rosenbaum

Since I posted my tribute to Brooke as part of the 2,996 Project, I was fortunate enough to be contacted by his stepmother. She kindly shared with me more of Brooke's personality and background than I was able to glean from the online resources I had used. I am pleased to be able to repost my tribute here. Please take the time to read this (you can make it larger by clicking on it) as it is far more representative of Brooke's life than the previous one. My sincere thanks to Fern Rosenbaum. I wish you peace and joy in the happy memories you have of Brooke.

Sep 15, 2006

An Unusual Community

Several years ago, shortly after we moved into our house, our town suffered a microburst (a sort of super-but-very-localized thunderstorm for those who aren't familiar with it) which knocked power out across much of the town. It was probably one of the hottest spells we'd had in quite a while and no one seemed to want to stay inside. I was struck then at the sense of community the storm had created. Everyone was out and about, wandering up and down, chatting with neighbors or perfect strangers.

I have been struck these last several days by the number of people out and about wandering from blog to blog in response to the 2,996 project. I am feeling the same feeling of connection I did after that storm and it is heartwarming, as it was then.

No, the terrorists didn't win. Yes, they slaughtered 2,996 innocent people. Yes, they took our innocence. But, you know, as we gathered in our solitude to remember those 2,996, somehow a more wonderful thing happened than a simple tribute; a sense of community burgeoned, swelling to encompass so many.

You who would destroy any who disagree with you, remember this: godliness is not limited to a single religion. But, truly, there is only one faith: faith that the love that is God will see us through the worst and will cleave us together as surely as the destroyers struggle to leave us riven.

Sep 11, 2006

8:28 a.m.

Please see my updated tribute.

Sep 3, 2006


Time's a tickin' down. We leave for the Jersey shore on Monday. Vacationing with a child is so different than vacationing as childfree adults. I was at the grocery store shopping today -- trying to find foods that would work for a nearly 1 year old infant in a B&B setting (i.e., no microwave, no stove). I think she's going to be eating a lot of cheese cubes (and a lot of peaches to counteract the cheese!). It started me trying to distill for myself what, exactly, makes a vacation.

Having come to no satisfactory answer, I'm coming to you all.

For you, what makes the perfect vacation? Traveling? Staying home? Is it seeing new things or visiting familiar places? Is it resting or recreating or accomplishing things you can't during work/school times? Is it eating good food, drinking good wine? Would you have your kids with you? Your spouse? Friends? Or would you prefer solitude? Is the setting important or could you be anywhere?

Now, here's another question... How close are your vacations to your ideal?