Jun 24, 2007

Oh, and...

I forgot to say that I've finally gotten the shopping cart and the webstats added to my jewelry website - if you have a chance, poke around the site for me a bit so I can make sure the stats are working? Thanks! (www.silveryeverafter.com)


Jun 23, 2007

So I'm Listening to My iTunes...

and I'm actually listening to a couple of new songs (new to me, not new new) that I downloaded the other day. And you know, sometimes, you just happen on lyrics that make you laugh because you could've written them? Well, a couple of The Bacon Brothers' (yes, Kevin Bacon and his brother) tunes hit me like that...

From a song called T.M.I.
"I could've made it through this day
feeling perfectly ok
having never heard a single word
of what you just chose to say."

From Not Born to Beauty
"less like Kirk, more like Spock
not born to beauty, born to rock..."

Ok, first off, it's just wicked cool to come across a ST:TOS reference in a non-parody song on iTunes. Secondly, I was at a graduation party today where the grandmother of the graduate interrogated me about the graduate's mother's love life. Ok, yes, I know more about the mom's love life than the grandmother does but, no, I don't think I need to share this and, frankly, "I could've made it through this day feeling perfectly ok, having never heard a single word of what [she] just chose to say..."

Just thought it was cool. Check out the songs on iTunes if you get a chance. Also check out a group called Immaculate Machine, if you have the time!

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Jun 16, 2007

I Will. I Will Not.

June 22nd is Friday next.

I will not allow
the masochistic luxury of

I will paste a
veneer of
on my psyche.

I will not
not much.

I will move
trudging toward

I will not lose
blame of my body,
blame of my soul.

I will, indeed, so many things.
I will not.

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I am not.

June 22nd is Friday next.

I am not
as swollen
as a helium balloon
tied to a mailbox
in the

I am not
breathing hard
when I
the stairs.

I am not
emotionally secure.

I am not the person
I'd thought
to be.

I am not so many things.

I am.

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I am.

June 22nd is Friday next.

I am
taking Clomid.

I am
watching what I

I am
if you discount the
weird dreams
assassins chasing me
through identities
and awakenings.

I am
the mother of one
and the wife of

I am so many things.

I am not.

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I Should Not Be

June 22nd is Friday next.

I should not be drinking pomegranate
and finishing that bottle of
Shiraz in the fridge so
that it won't
turn to

I should not be sleeping
through the night.

I should not be terribly

I should not be so
of my physical deficiencies
as a woman.

I should not be
so many things.

I am.

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I Should Be

June 22nd is Friday next.

I should be checking my bag.
I should be terribly

I should be making plans
child care.

I should be making the
adjustments to furniture
and digging through
Rubbermaid storage bins.

I should be seeing
my doctor.

I should be
so many things.

I am not.

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Jun 10, 2007

End of the Season

Yes, choir season has reached an end. Treble Clef Choir sang our last Mass until September today. And, man, we kicked butt. Yeah, I know it's church not a competition but we crammed a lot of music into that service and we did a really good job. We sang Paul Halley's SSAA arrangement of How Can I Keep From Singing?; we sang a good chunk of the Gloria; we sang 2 descants; etc. etc.; and we sang an SSA arrangement of Going Up'a Yonder (which yours truly had a solo in.)

Our church was built in the late 1800s (click here for the website and then click on tour (second from the bottom on the left)) and the acoustics are marvelous - it is a glorious church to sing in. We typically sing from the choir loft and during pre-Mass rehearsals, it's not uncommon to have the echo last well past when our voices stop producing sound. This doesn't often happen during Mass though due to the influx of human sound absorbers (i.e., parishioners who have the nerve to soak up sound! ;-) ). We sang Goin' Up'A Yonder from downstairs and we rocked. It was just glorious. And the sound rang for a long moment after we finished singing.

The sound just spun - it floated there with a sentience beyond comprehension, suspending us all in just the pure joy of beautiful sound. It was one of those amazing moments in performance when you feel like anything is possible and that God is truly using your voice to wrap Gods-self through people's hearts and minds.

It was, simply, magic. And I feel so privileged and honored to have been a part of that.

What a way to end the season, huh?

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Jun 4, 2007

In Case You Were Wondering

I'm down for the count with a case of food poisoning. The fever's let up but nutrient just aren't staying where they're supposed to (i.e., inside).

Started Cipro today. So what if one of the side effects of Cipro is diarrhea? At least I'll be well-covered in case of Anthrax!

And, now, I'm going back to bed.

With, um, a stop at the bathroom.