Apr 25, 2009

Quae Morebat - another attempt

Ok, let's try it this way.
Sigh, you know - for a reasonably tech-savvy person, this is a pain in the ass!!

quae morebat mp3.mp3

Apr 24, 2009

Quae Morebat

From the Stabat Mater for those who are morbidly curious as to how I sing - click on the post title to play the file.

Concert was SRO and the offering covered the costs. We were thrilled. The choir did wonderfully; the strings were excellent.

The Quae Morebat is first. That's the aria I did.

The soprano (I sang the alto) in the Quis Est Homo is Kim Young - who is wonderful!! I'm privileged to be able to sing with her. We're joined in the allegro by Beverly Boyle and Suzanne Fournier, also great fun to sing with.

Ok, hopefully this will work!!

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Apr 19, 2009

The Tale of a Tail

Or how I lost 13" in twenty minutes.

I'd been growing my hair since Katie was born 3 1/2 years ago - not out of any grand scheme on my part, just lack of time and money, really.

It had been getting to be quite a pain though pretty when it wanted to be but got in my way unless I put it up.

So my sister was here and easily co-opted. And we wound up with a 13" ponytail being separated from my head. I swear the thing looked like it could sprout legs and walk away on its own it was so long.

Fortunately, such a critter doesn't go to waste even if it once went to waist! (Heh, I crack myself up... ;) )

And now we're back to short. How long will this last? Um...

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Apr 13, 2009

For All of Us Who Have Dreamed a Dream

You go, Susan Boyle - Here's hoping you take it all the way for all of us who are a little older, a little heavier, but still dare to dream a dream.

Susan Boyle

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Apr 12, 2009

You Know You're a Geek When...

You're playing Scrabble and you start to think "Fron! Ok, cool, now where can I put it?" then realize that fron is only a word in Ancient from Stargate: SG-1. And you're even more of a geek when your first thought after that is that the reason you can't play it is that it's a foreign language, not that it's a made up word.

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Hail, thee festival day!

Last Tuesday, as we were rehearsing for Friday's concert, a man came into the church. Nobody thought much of it at first: when the church is open, a lot of homeless people use the bathroom. But, then, he wandered down the aisle, looking for something or someone. As the director was busy with the strings, our soprano section leader headed him off. He handed her a card with some writing on it and she drew him to the back of the church, talking to him as they went.

She took him to the door and next door to the Center for Urban Ministry and returned to her place. I asked if he needed a priest. She said he needed a lot more than that but that's what he was looking for.

His face was so sad, so desperate that I haven't been able to forget him and I've worried a lot this week about this man I never met but only saw - like I worry about a lot of the people I read about in RD's blog.

I very much hope that, on this anniversary of the Lord's resurrection, he finds what he needs.

Happy Easter, sir. May you find hope and peace and, yes, some joy as we celebrate the great Alleluia.

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