Jul 1, 2010


Well, I had my audition for the PPC tonight. I sang the Handel and the Duke - they went well. Both pieces fit my voice very well, fortunately, and I only had a couple bits that I wasn't entirely happy with. The intervals went quite well (thank the Lord, no m6 or M6 down) but the sight reading sucked ass.

"You have a lovely voice, a very bright tone," he said, "we should be making final decisions in about a week."

Christine, my voice teacher (and friend), called me about an hour later - I'm in!!! I cannot express how excited I am. Excited enough to celebrate madly with martinis and chicken wings and brownies, despite my diet. This has been a goal for years and years.

Christine is proud of me. Pam, my choir director (and friend) who pushed me into auditioning despite my hesitation, will be proud of me, I know. Jessica, Julie, Gabe - all the CONCORA people I know and respect. Jackie Jarrett, my late voice teacher, would be so proud of me. I miss her tonight so much and wish I could tell her in person.

And, heck, for once, I'm proud of me, too. Who'd'a thunk that, at this point in my life, I'd actually have a vocal career??

, here I come!

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