Nov 1, 2007

Too Damn Many Projects to Count

And, yep, that's my excuse for not having posted in forever.

Before I forget, JerseyTjej, you are off the hook with respect to my Pelikan as I found it over last weekend - whoohooo!!!! And, nope, I'm still not mailing it off to you to borrow.

Ok, back to the too damn many projects. I need to learn to tell myself, and others, no. There's so much I want to do (and we're not talking food here for once) and I just can't face the fact that I don't have enough time to do everything that (a) needs to get done, (b) I'm obliged (now) to get done, and (c) fun stuff I want to do.

This weekend, I need to: design an entire ad book for a dinner next weekend. The file is due to the chamber office on Monday. Yes, this is pro bono work. Dumb ass me.

I also need to: finish the bangle I'm working on for class - because it's going to be my auction donation for said dinner. Again, pro bono but at least this is multi-purpose and may have marketing benefits.

Oh yes, I also need to finish transcribing Quem Pastores - all I have yet to transcribe is the flute part BUT Finale is fighting me and I will then need to re-enter the whole thing from scratch to add the organ and flute parts because I didn't start with enough staves and, for some reason, the damn program keeps putting in returns for no apparent reason. I may go back to Noteworthy Composer for the final. We'll see. The choir director has Finale though and if she wants to tweak it, it would be easier to have it in that.

Oh, and prepare and mail the draw slips for the Christmas gift draw on John's side of the family.

And then there's the usual: update the website, clean the house, watch the kid, go to the library sale, clean my office, crazy talk all. I'll be lucky if I get the must-dos done.

On a completely different note but it could also be considered a project...
We had another ultrasound today. Little Person was wiggling all around - appears to have the requisite appendages (arms, legs, head) - and had a nice steady heartbeat. I am so lucky, my OB is absolutely wonderful. He asked that I come back in a month. I looked pitiful. He said, "You made it 3 weeks this time!" I said, "Yes, but it was a REEEEEEEALLY long 3 weeks." He said, "Want to come back in 2?" Man, I just can't say enough about the guy. If you're in Central CT and looking for a great OB, email me.

A good friend told me she was surprised I wasn't blogging more about being pregnant. I truly think it's because I'm afraid I'll jinx something. That if I believe it's true, that we're really going to be bringing home another live baby, that Katie will finally have a sibling, it will turn out to be my imagination. Opening myself to think about it, or hope, or believe, also opens me to a great deal of potential pain. I think not talking about it is a way for me to shield myself from the pain. I think I am finally starting to believe that this one is for real. Because Little Person was very clearly that - a little, and very wriggly, person. Somehow, seeing that makes it very real. We're going to have a baby. Wow.

Please keep us in your prayers that Little Person makes it all the way.

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Blogger LauraJ said...

okay from here on more pro bono work! You're cooking a baby and I think you need all the energy you can get!
So with that said...lots and lots of healthy baby all the way vibes coming to you...what is the expected due date?

8:43 AM  
Blogger Greta said...

def in my prayers...i have been wondering about you...glad to hear everything is ok!!

10:51 AM  
Blogger Jade said...

I agree with LJ - no more pro bono work from here on out! You have too many things going on... you need time for relaxing. :)

9:54 PM  
Anonymous gina said...

Co-sign all of the freebies...Gotta feed the parasite or it will drain you of energy and grey matter!, lol! All appropriate appendages are crossed here for the arrival of our long awaited son...Just don't name him Damian, lol! PS: I'm taking an online class to learn to make jewelry and need a list of what to buy becides pliers, can you tell me?

3:19 PM  
Blogger smileymamaT said...

I understand that, I think most moms do. Stop volunteering, would be my 2 cents. For a while anyway. Prayers aready sent up in support of Little Wriggly :)

8:36 AM  

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