Aug 25, 2009

::Smacks Head in Frustration::

You'd think I'd learn. After all, I've been part of my family for 42 years. But I never do. Sometimes, I am just a fucking idiot!!

Someday, someday I will learn not to comment... on anything.
Someday, someday I will learn to just take what I am offered, whether I need/want/can use it or not, and stuff it in a box or give it away.
Someday, someday I will learn to not offer any details of my personal life.


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Blogger Brightdreamer said...

Family's good at inducing head-smacking moments...

reddiani - specialty wine designed specifically for those suffering from family overexposure syndrome, the contents are the same, but the hardened bottle and "easy grip" neck make it ideal for clobbering clueless relatives without leaving telltale glass fragments in the wound.

1:35 PM  
OpenID jerseytjej said...

I can only guess, but know is universal and if any comfort, I blocked the SIL in question, reported her and reopened fb...

5:19 AM  
Anonymous IWOM said...

...and the day AFTER that, I will do the same...

9:50 AM  

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