May 18, 2006

The No-Clever-Title Entry

An info dump of sorts, just to post something, lest y'all think I died or something...

...Discovered today that the grocery store I won't normally shop at has a much broader array of the baby food I prefer. I hate when something like that happens. I hate shopping there because there is always a line at the checkout, I can rarely find what I want but am really good at finding big empty spaces where the product I'm looking for should be, and you just can't get a decent parking space -- even late at night. So, now, if I buy the baby food at the regular grocery store, I'll be thinking, "Oh, I should go to the other store to get ...". Which means more stops. Grrr.

...Have you ever noticed how obsessed guys are with mowing the lawn? It's like a God-given right to mow and heaven forfend should anything get in the way. Honest to God, John, the lawn did not need mowing that badly that I should have to haul the baby all around town to three grocery stores starting at 7 at night.

...Got a very nice "thank you for beta-ing" acknowledgment on a Stargate fic I betaed. It's always nice when that happens. Particularly since I'm kind of a picky beta... Sometimes I think people are sorry they asked me!

...Planted the last two plants (a lilac and a miniature rhododendron) - woohoo!! Now I need to get mulch, window boxes, potting soil, and annuals. Mostly mulch. Lots and lots of mulch. It amazes me how a bag of mulch covers so little ground. Oh, and seeds. I want to put a cutting bed in the backyard (all the work so far has been in the front) so that I can cut flowers for inside without taking all the color out of the beds that people see. I'm just going to put seed mixes in there I think, like I planted when I was a kid.

...Just so's you know, there is a dead skunk under the porch and it reeks. I probably ought to go haul it out of there and bury it. I'm not going to. I'd have to tramp through the flower bed that is finally (after 6 years) starting to take, pry out the nails, crawl the 30' to the other side of the porch, and drag out a rotting carcass. Nope. Not me. It'll stop smelling eventually.

...Oh, and on a smelling note! When I went to get the baby after her afternoon nap today, I could smell her diaper from the doorway (and her crib is on the other side of the room). Whooeey, that was a nasty one...

Some springtime afternoon
You may smell a diaper,
You may smell a diaper
from baby's bedroom door.
Then fly to remove
while baby reproves
and of course he's not home, so you're smelling alone...

(With apologies to Rodgers & Hammerstein)


Blogger graymama said...

Awesome to see you back, girlie!

Grocery store angst--Could you ask your normal grocer to stock what you like. I have done this in the past and was amazed that they actually stocked the item. Of course, I do buy most of said item myself, so it is no loss for them.

Lawn OCD--Hubby has this, too!

Stargate--Okay I am about to admit my ignorance here, but what is beta-ing?

Planting and yard work--This is what spring is for, right? :-)


Diaper--You can always put some carmex under your nose, so you won't smell it. (old daycare trick)

12:40 AM  
Anonymous harriet said...

We take a similar approach to deceased wildlife ever since a horrific attempt to remove a have decaying and maggot-ridden baby oppossum from under the deck. As for Little Princess, that was a favorite for me as well. I hadn't really thought of it in the same category as the wilderness ones, but I think you're right that it appealed in a similar way. I had a whole other set of orphan/boarding school books that I read a lot. In addition to Little Princess, there was the Secret Garden, Jane Eyre, Charlotte Sometimes, What Katie Did at School, and a host of others.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Jade said...

My inlaws had a dead skunk under their front porch in Oregon once. They went to the hardware store and bought a bag of something (I think it was lime? I can't remember) anyway they poured it down under the porch and it helped the corpse decay rapidly. It smelled a bit like that bag of stuff for a while, but it was much better than the skunk. I can't remember the name of the stuff, but go to the hardware store and ask someone, they should be able to help.

Dan is obsessed with the lawn too... although he can't do anything about it now! Mowing is fun because we have a riding mower. Dan is concerned with moss though, and wants to kill it all, de-thatch, re-seed... it's an amazing amount of work for the moss to just grow back the following winter anyway. Personally I don't mind the moss... it's green, it's soft, and it keeps the grass thin so mowing doesn't take that long.

On the diaper... LOL! It doesn't end with potty training... sometimes I start going upstairs, I smell something and yell out "Gayle? Did you forget to flush?" and she says "No! I wanted you to see my big poop!"

11:57 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Having been there and done that, I am speechless. LOL I don't remember much about buying baby food. Could be because I didn't buy any for the last two of the four. I really did like that baby food grinder but my guess is they don't even make them any more but then I haven't googled it either.

But as for the store discussion, I understand. The Southaven WalMart is closer than the Olive Branch one. I would rather go there BUT they don't have the same selection. The store is just a bit smaller. While I have more choices at Southaven the parking is the pits and empty shelves abound. So I go to Kroger.

Try having a dead mouse in the wall. I thought we had a gas leak. We finally decided it had to be a decaying mouse. Never can pin that one down with it in the wall. Eventually, it goes away. Yes, I think it is lime you can use. I saw it on Monk. LOL I CANNOT imagine the smell of a dead skunk. Just driving by the road kill is bad enough.

I hope you never have to come into fetch the Princess after she has figured out how to get out of that poopy diaper. Yes siree bob, not a pretty sight or smell.

9:47 PM  

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