May 4, 2006

O Fortuna!

Got my recommendation letter today and will be sending in my application to sing the Carmina Burana at the CONCORA Summer Choral Festival. I feel a bit foolish going to music camp at my age but it is just a few evenings for a week and I do love singing the Carmina.

And who am I really fooling? I am also hoping to come to the notice of the Director and be asked to audition for CONCORA ( or at least figure out if they have open auditions and, if so, when and what the requirements are.

And since I'm writing of things choral... The church choir I'm singing in has paid section leaders. This is the first choir I've ever sung in that had paid section leaders. They seem a bit obsessed with them. It's just kind of odd. And a bit ego-bruising when the conductor assures my part (there are 2 of us) while looking at me directly that we will have a section leader for the performance... I don't think I'm that bad as to be in dire need of choral assistance. Think, of course, being the operative term. Maybe I shouldn't. Think, that is. Sometimes it's just a bad idea.

So, I'll just settle back and hope I get in to the summer camp. And leave you with this question: what the fuck were those 14th century monks doing writing about trading the world for the queen of England in their arms? That's just wrong on so many levels.

Werre du Welt alle min
Von dem Mer uns an den Rhin
des wollt ich mich darben
das die Koenigen von Engellant
lege an minnen armen.


Blogger graymama said...

I am in peppypilotgirl withdrawal! It has almost been a week since you posted, so I hope all is well. I am thinking of you :-)

5:16 PM  
Blogger graymama said...

Hope you are having a great vacation!

4:48 PM  

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