Jul 6, 2007

Eight is Enough

Ok, I was tagged by Jade and, as she said, since she did what I told her to do, turnabout is only fair play. Still, 8 things people don't know is kind of tough... Maybe it'll have to be 8 things *most* people don't know...

1. Um... Oh! I have one. When I was in sixth grade, some jerk dumped my purse in the toilet. Oh, wait a minute, you knew that one because I think it was in my memories leading up to my 40th. Ok... Here's one... I had to go to "Special Gym" as an elementary school student because my fine motor coordination was so poor. In Special Gym, we did things like traces our way through mazes with a pencil without letting the pencil touch the side "walls" of the maze. We also practiced making neat and tidy cuts with scissors.

2. When I was in 8th grade, I almost got beat up over a boy who didn't know I existed by said boy's jealous girlfriend. I got out of it because my friend Nora told her I wouldn't defend myself and she refused to fight anyone who wouldn't. Truth be told, I wouldn't have had the first idea *how* to defend myself!

3. When I was pregnant, I went through 3 sets of batteries for my vibrator. Heh heh heh... (TMI? Sorry - I'm only on 3 and I'm already stretching for things folks don't know.)

4. I think my mother is a spoiled brat.

5. I both loved and hated that my grandmother made almost all of my clothes in elementary school.

6. My feet were so wide as a child (EEE) that my shoes had to be special ordered. My feet remained disproportionately wide until I got pregnant then they stretched lengthwise and sometimes now I can buy medium width shoes.

7. I have always longed for a pair of leather pants (but am pretty sure they'd make me look as if the leather was still on the cow).

8. The best day of my life was not my wedding day nor the day Katie was born but the day I got my pilot's license. This probably says something horrible about me, which bothers me but the truth is what the truth is, I guess. I think why it's that way though is that while both the wedding day and the day Katie was born were the culmination of hard work and lots of love and were incredible moments in my life, each had so many complicating factors... exhaustion in both cases, looking after guests at the wedding, having just had major surgery after 36 hours of unproductive labor with Katie's birth... and the license was just pure elation. That license is the achievement I am proudest of - being a pilot didn't come naturally to me (coordination issues) but it is something I have wanted to do from the time I was very small and it still amazes me that I made that happen.

and a spare, in case you didn't like the vibrator one...

When I recall my wedding day, I immediately get a hint of a crick in my neck. John kept putting his arm around my shoulders - on *top* of the veil. This pulled my head back into a very unnatural position and resulted in me looking quite pained in many of our formal wedding pictures.

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Blogger Jade said...

1 - When I was in grade school they wanted to put me in special ed because of my speech, I say my "s"s funny. You can't hardly tell now in my daily speech, but I still say them out the side of my mouth instead of putting my teeth together like most people.

5- I know the feeling. I was proud when my mom made me my special holiday clothes, but couldn't believe the luck when she finally let me buy one off the rack.

7 - Some day I want to at least try some on.

8. The license is certainly something to be proud of! Honestly, I can't say what the best day of my life has been so far, but I think the happiest was when Dan got home from the week long stay in the cardiac unit last summer. You don't know what you've got until it's (almost) gone, that sort of thing.

10:34 PM  
Blogger Cazzie!!! said...

Hey, I can identify with point number two, I never knew the guy existed, much less his feral girlfriend. Anyhow, I fought back, and being a country girl, I won :) Still see that girl sometimes now, and she is still scared, but I'd never do that again.

12:22 AM  
Blogger JerseyTjej said...

I always wanted to be a pilot but have worn glasses since kindergarden. That was the first thing I remembered about you was that you were a pilot!

7:42 AM  
Blogger Greta said...

i loved the vibrator one...that is classic girl


2:04 PM  
Blogger smileymamaT said...

HAAAAA! I love the veil one. And the batteries. Too funny!! And I get the liscence thing. I was elated when I got my education degree, because I worked my ass off for it. And now, well, it's on the wall, oh well, I got it!!!

9:49 AM  

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