Jul 5, 2007

I Think I've Lost It

My cellphone, that is. We left for the weekend and realized, about 15 minutes down the road, that I didn't have my cellphone. Eh, says I, let's just keep going; I'm not going to need it this weekend anyway. Welp, shoulda turned back when I could've still dialed my cellphone to find it by its ring. Battery is dead (tried calling, went straight to vmail). I know it is in this house somewhere. God alone knows where. We have looked and looked and looked. I don't want to have to buy a new one. They're expensive and I'd have to get the totally ungadgety one given my budget (whine!!!!). I want MY cellphone (even if the battery is going and it's all scraped up - it's mine, darn it!) (WHIIIIIIIIIIIIINE.)

Ok, on to other things.

Been having weird dreams lately. I don't like weird dreams. Frankly, I can almost handle the dreams where people are trying to kill me (I get those a lot) better than the weird ones that leave me disconsolate. I dreamed, for instance, that I went with my husband to a wedding in the city where I grew up. We hadn't thought we were going to make it but wound up being able to go to the reception, which was at a club. Now, for some reason, we brought some kind of cake with raspberry goo and coconut on it and when the bouncer saw us, he refused to believe we were invited because of the cake. We convinced him to at least let us leave the bride a note so that she would know we had been there. In the process of writing the note, we managed to sneak into the reception. Ok, so far so good, if a bit weird. The reception is now over. We're headed out. For some reason, John goes to get the car while I stay there. He never shows up with the car. It gets later, more people leave, eventually the parking lot across the street is empty but for 2 or 3 cars and I am forced to admit to myself that he left without me. Uh oh. Not good. Going to have to walk the 30 miles back out to the house where I grew up. The dream then cut to a scene with John and myself where it becomes clear that he didn't just leave without me, he left me, period. Apparently because he was sick and tired of me having to go back inside places to get my jacket(s). In the dream, I am confused and distraught. I wake up and am confused and disconsolate.

That dream was followed by one where I was on the phone with the head of the Parks and Rec department trying to sign Katie up for swimming and him insisting heatedly that he didn't think I should do that. Like talking to a wall.

And that, in general, about sums up our trip to Syracuse this past weekend - tiring, frustrating, and discombobulating.

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Blogger Robin said...

You can have my old one. It's just like yours! Did you have the insurance on it? Have you had it 2 years? If you have, then you are due for an upgrade and sometimes the free phones are cool. Check online. That's where I upgraded. Easy peasy.

Other than that. Calm down. Try to walk backwards through your mind(what's left of it. LOL Kids do that.) to remember where you had it last and go from there. God knows where it is... so ask Him. Sometimes He doesn't show me right away but it will show up when the time is right. It's gonna be okay.

11:30 AM  
Blogger Brightdreamer said...

I've been having weird dreams lately, too. ITA that the disconcerting ones are often worse than the outright terrifying or just plain frustrating ones. They're the ones that sit and gnaw at you all day, whereas the others readily dissipate in daylight.

As for the cell phone, Mom's boss just had hers stolen the other day, so this is a bad time for cell phones. She wound up getting (after a major, frustrating runaround that makes me suspicious of ever calling a cell phone company for customer service) a cheap phone "for now" and is keeping an eye on eBay for a better replacement - the one helpful lady she got hold of at her cell phone company unofficially recommended eBay as a good source for reasonably-priced cell phones, so long as you pay attention to what you're getting and whom you're buying from. Just a thought... anyway, buying a new one is usually the best way to find the old one.
Hang in there - the Dread Demon Reality can't hang around your place forever!

6:27 PM  

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