Dec 16, 2007

Baby Update

We had our first Level II ultrasound on Thursday.

The baby looks healthy and "normal". Growth rates are right on target. She weighs about 9 oz now.

Yep, "she". Looks like we'll be adding another little girl our family. John's a little disappointed but not nearly like he was when Katie was in utero. He's realized that he can, indeed, have fun with a little girl too.

She's kicking me in the bladder right now - LOL. Glad I can finally feel her occasionally - reassures me to no end.

P.S. That wonderfully inappropriate Santa candleholder? (The one with the tree star stuck up his, er, boomba?) Katie knocked it off the table yesterday and it broke. Sigh. She also shattered my carved soapstone egg with the carved swan inside it. It was a destructive day.

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Blogger LauraJ said...

Congratulations!Hopefully babygirl #2 will be less destructive?

(Think of it this way: It should be cheaper having another all of K's things can be passed down and you don't have to go out and buy a whole little boy wardrobe. And take it from me little girls are so much more fun dressing than boys!)

8:44 AM  
Blogger peppypilotgirl said...

And I've saved boatloads of things, LJ! And, yes, hopefully she will be less destructive than her older sister. I guess I'm not going to count on it though!

11:12 PM  
Blogger karen buckman said...

CONGRATS!!!! That is so awesome! I am feeling so giddy after hearing your news. Another beautiful girl :-)

12:05 AM  

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