Dec 23, 2007

Of Christmas Lights, Grab Bags, and Loneliness

Topic 1:
First off, we are all ok. The house is ok. BUT it might not be so if a guy driving by didn't happen to look at our house from exactly the right spot at exactly the right time.

Our outdoor Christmas lights caught fire! We think that, with the bad weather, something got wet and there was a short in one of the light sets but who really knows. What we do know is this: the Christmas lights went out at some point, John was out blowing the driveway, a guy in a big van stopped, got out, and raced down the driveway to John. (I was watching from the house wondering "why are the Christmas lights out? I could've sworn I turned them on!".) Then they both come racing to the house. There is a small electrical fire right by the base of the door frame that flamed up just as the guy happened to look out as he happened to drive by. It melted the prongs of the plug off into the extension cord but, fortunately, we caught it and unplugged everything before the porch or the doorframe caught fire. There was a lot of soot but the wood all appears to be whole and unburnt.

So, even if I receive nothing else for Christmas, I am grateful that we are unscathed.

Topic 2:
If anyone out there wants a resin snow man lamp that I got in our office gift exchange, let me know. It's a snowman holding a banner that a cat is sleeping on. The light bulb comes out of a pole that starts at the base and curves around the snowman and straightens over his head. It takes a nightlight bulb and has a countryish lampshade. It's certainly cute but it doesn't fit my house in the slightest. (I tend toward Craftsman and Victorian eclectia rather than kitsch.) I'd love someone to have it that would have a place for it! (I'm too lazy to get up and take/upload/post a picture - sorry!)

Topic 3:
Have you ever noticed how lonely one can be even if one is surrounded by people? Everyone is home now but I'm feeling awfully lonely tonight. I think, in part, it's the post-performance letdown (I sang with a local church choir this afternoon for their Lessons & Carols service - it was nice to do some more challenging music including a fascinating, tonally shifting, 8+ part divisi Magnificat (Finzi - interestingly, the piece was commissioned for the Smith and Amherst College Choirs back in 1952 - small world kind of thing)). At any rate, we did go to the party afterward and I'm glad we went though we had to leave really early because we didn't have a sitter. I had a pretty good time which is more than I usually do at parties - they are a real effort for me: too many people. At any rate, somehow, now that we're home and Katie and John have gone to bed and I'm working (technically), I feel even more alone than normal. It was a great time - the rehearsals and the performance - and I got to be with grownups sans kid. As with the bad things, the good things also fall under the "this, too, shall pass" description.

I probably won't post again before Christmas so let me wish you all holiday filled with all good things and, most especially, peace on Earth and good will to all.

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Blogger Brightdreamer said...

It's true, what they say... sometimes the biggest blessings are the things that don't happen... Lucky catch on the light short!

1:41 AM  
Blogger LauraJ said...

Topic 1: Oh my goodness! God puts people in the right place at the right time. Thank the stars above for that man in his truck driving by and spotting that. I'm so glad you are all okay and your house is okay and you can enjoy Christmas in an unburned house!!

Topic 2: Sorry but I don't need anymore kitch in my home either. ;)

Topic 3: I do hope you are less lonely right now and that did pass.

Merry Christmas!!

12:38 PM  
Blogger karen buckman said...

Thank God you are okay!!!!

I hope you are not feeling lonely anymore <3

Merry Christmas :-D

2:14 PM  
Blogger Harriet said...

Wow, that's a frightening close call. A very merry Christmas to you and your family!

3:45 PM  
Blogger Jade said...

Topic 2 - Let me know if anyone wants that lamp, as I have a tree skirt that would probably go well with it.

Topic 3 - Yes - I often feel lonely even when I'm surrounded by people. To me it feels more like a temporary lack of connection, like my brain is dialed in to a different frequency.

8:50 PM  

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