Jan 14, 2008

Two weeks??!

Tempus fugit, indeed. I can't believe it's been two weeks since I was on here. I'd love to report I had some exotically interesting excuse but I don't. Just life getting in the way.

For those who are curious, I did achieve everything on my "To Do" list in the last post with the exception of restarting potty training. (Yes, I am a wimp.) I actually had a most productive weekend last weekend - I got more done on Saturday than I think I've gotten done in several weeks. Of course, there's always more to do. I also got my web update done - WOOHOO!!

I should just say, in case I haven't or in case I have and you've forgotten, how very much I hate updating my website. I hate it so much that I hadn't done it in four months. (Ok, so I was newly pregnant and exhausted enough that I slept every minute I could - in those few minutes I was awake, I could have been updating my website but nooo...) So, it's done. I've started making jewelry for the trunk show at the end of this month, the event at the end of next month (but not the event at the end of the month after that nor for the hippopotamus).

It is nice to be creative again, albeit in a limited way.

So, what else? We're investigating preschools. This is, of course, sooo much fun. Yes, I'm being snide. The Board of Ed program won't work because the kids absolutely have to be 3 by 9/1 (Katie turns 3 two weeks thereafter). The cost on most of the programs is astounding. I think we're probably going to go with the Parks & Rec Dept. program, it being only about $750 for the school year and we have a friend who was really happy with it. The runner up is one in the next town over ($780 for the school year). It sounds lovely but I'm not sure whether I really want to be hoisting my ass that far when class is only 2 hours long - by the time I get there, drop her off, and come back, it will be closing in on time to go back to get her again. The second benefit of the P&R program is proximity. The third is that she will be going to preschool with kids she'll be going to school with - or at least there's a better chance of that (we have 4 elementary schools here).

We considered not doing preschool at all but, frankly, both she and I could use a break from each other - a sentiment which will, no doubt, be fully reinforced when her baby sister arrives - and she really needs the socialization.

Alrighty, should I put down some more goals? Eh, too lazy. Maybe next time!


Blogger LauraJ said...

Good morning! Success! You've accomplished some things, woo hoo!! :D Just curious and nosey how far along are you now and when are you due?(thank you for the computer desk compliment-just yesterday I was telling a friend that I don't like the desk because I find it too big. but now you've made my day I just may keep it and just clean it and rearrange things on it.Good day dear!

8:38 AM  
Blogger Greta said...

i think preschool is a fabulous idea nad you def need a break before the little one comes!!!

go with the P&R program...sounds better to me...lol

10:01 AM  
Blogger Jade said...

Preschool is a good idea. Gayle really came out of her shell being in preschool and making so many great friends. The break is nice... and if you end up having to drive so far, you could use those two hours for errands in the area rather than drive all the way back home? Though I admit... more often than not I really just wanted (and still want) to be home all by my lonesome while Gayle is in school.

11:19 PM  
Blogger JerseyTjej said...

I definately would not be able to exist without my preschool. There is nothing like havĂ­ng my second cup of coffee alone...Kids are lovely but not 24/7. Did I mention the advantage of her learning to suck her teeth and spit both daycare accomplishments.

1:08 PM  

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