Feb 4, 2008

Success is a Relative Term

First off, I have a splitting, toddler-induced, headache. I'm sure most of you will understand if I am not as coherent, cogent, or co-something'r'other as I might normally be.

The event last Thursday went well, I thought. It was not profitable (gross was about $100 less than costs) but people seemed to have a good time and the jewelry was well-received. Hopefully, the next two events will be blast-the-doors-out profitable and I'll start seeing some increased web purchases.

The website is what's been so frustrating. I know, I know - it takes a while for websites to start creeping into the public consciousness but you'd think that, in 9 months of having my website up, I'd have more than two sales (and a huge THANK YOU! to the buyer - you know who you are!!). Still, I'm keeping my hopes up - my business copier (leased years ago when I was still doing freelance paralegal work) will be paid off (it's a dollar buyout lease) in April and then my overhead is down to the $10/mo I get charged for my credit card processing service - so that should help ease the financial burden. LOL - and I get on John's case for being too hard on himself because his firm isn't an "overnight" roaring success!! Eh, call me a hypocrite; you'd probably be right in this instance.

In family news, John's sick and the Napless Wonder is being particularly demanding this afternoon. Can someone tell me, btw, when toddlers start understanding the concept of "why"? (As in, "why are you crying?", "why did you do that?!!" (the toddler-safe equivalent to "what the fuck were you thinking??!!"), etc.) I feel, much of the time, like I am talking to a wall!

Oh, and here's another question for the more tech/scam savvy! I was paying my cellphone bill on Saturday and realized it was $20 than the prior month so I actually studied the bill and, it appears, somehow I got signed up for some sort of monthly service (the nature of which I have no idea!!). Fortunately, the cellphone company credited me for that amount but what I'm wondering is how it came about! The service representative asked if I voted by text message for call in voting (like American Idol). (I politely told him no - I was too embarrassed to tell him I'd never even watched a reality TV show.) He said that was the most common cause. If anyone has any other ideas of ways it might have happened, I'm open to listening because, as helpful as they were, I'd really prefer not to have the hassle of calling them again!

Alrighty, John should be home with the eggs soon. We're having pancakes for dinner. I was going to make them tomorrow in honor of Shrove Tuesday but he requested something easy on the stomach (non-spicy, non-greasy, bland) and, after a look at my freezer, I didn't feel like serving a basket of saltines for dinner. And, really, that sounds pretty good to me tonight anyway. He's not home tomorrow night so Katie and I will just eat leftover pancakes tomorrow night.

Later, everyone.

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Anonymous brightdreamer said...

Well, sounds like it went okay for a first-time deal, at least...

As for site promotion... are there any jewelry-based sites/ webrings/ message boards/ banner exchanges/ etc that you can plaster your addy across? Can you distribute business cards or flyers with your site address and photos of your work anywhere in your area? Maybe hire a skywriter? (Sorry... I'm the last one to talk about successful site promotion...)

8:02 PM  
Blogger Jade said...

Ugh... it'll feel like you are talking to a wall for the rest of your life, I think... sorry to be the bearer of bad news. (this is what I'm told anyway, though I swear when I talk to my mom these days, I think *she* is the wall, not me!)

Rather than ask "why" maybe try... "Where does this go? Do you think you should have put it here?" Or some kind of rewording like that (depending upon the situation...)

10:50 PM  
Blogger LauraJ said...

For that phone company thing...I think they just do it and hope we won't notice...after we've paid into it say a few months until we realize what the heck?
This happened with my cable bill. It took me 6 months to realize they were adding packages and channels I never asked for!!

7:14 AM  
Blogger smileymamaT said...

Not sure about the cell charge thing, but I can tell you they (kids) won't always get "why?" for at least the first 14 years (that's as far as Ive gotten, anyway...)
For the website, I see a lot of people post a few things on Etsy and then note the name of their actual website in their shop info... ever think of doing that? The listing fee is only 20 cents for 4 months, maybe it would give you more exposure?

btw, your verification word here is XLPACKEM. Doesn't that sound like a super-size burger? or a football team? lol...

12:53 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

Why should you be embarrassed about not watching a reality show? You're living in reality, right? Why should you have to watch it on TV? I'm all for escaping reality and TV can do that for me. It's like Calgon take me away... sorta.

It's been forever since I had a toddler...like 22 years! I agree with Jade... reword the question and try to stay calm. There will come a time when the advice will be "pick your battles". Sometimes it's not worth it.

Yeah, why not try Etsy? It's pretty cheap all things considered. It's easy to navigate.

Good thing you checked the cell bill. Just seems to easy to rip people off.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Greta said...

girl..what the hell is wrong with you that you don't watch mindless trash tv....come on now....get with it...that way we can email back and forth and laugh our asses off....

oh and rock of Love is a must...bwhahahaha VH1 baby that is the capital T in trash tv

4:04 PM  
Blogger peppypilotgirl said...

I like the skywriter idea, Brightdreamer! Of course, it involves airplanes so that could be why! ;) My business cards have my URL and no other contact info on them to help drive people to the website - I keep hoping it will pay off!

Oh no, Jade/SMT/Robin, until the end of time?? Waaaaahhhhhhh!!

And LOL, SMT!! XLPACKEM! They just renamed our hockey arena the XL Center... hmmm... so, if they're running short on seats now, do they XL Pack 'Em?

I think I may try Etsy too - for a 20 cent listing for 4 months, worth checking out at least!

LOL, Greta! Actually, it's not that I don't *want* to watch mindless trash TV... I work nights so it really cuts into my TV watching and, unfortunately, cable isn't in the budget right now. I did see Rock of Love once at my sister's - what a riot!!

8:16 PM  

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