Jul 20, 2008

Katie's New Room

Ok, it's not so new anymore but, by the time I had time to take pictures of it, it was so messy that I wouldn't. We had to clean the house for the Christening however and I finally took some pictures.

Some brief history: when we started, the room had NO trim. Nothing around the windows, nothing around the doors, no mopboard, nothing around the closed. It was also panelled in that lovely paneling that screams 1970s rec room - you know the kind, came in big sheets, was dark with thick weird black lines down it? The paneling was also shot full of holes and, yes, I do mean shot as in BBs - lots and lots of BBs. We filled the holes and painted the paneling. We'd debated ripping it off but the idea of how bad the plaster and lathe behind it might be scared us out of that idea. Also, the radiator covers for the baseboard hotwater heat were all missing so we had to put those in too since the fin that covers the pipes is sharp (as I found out from personal experience!).

We lucked out - we didn't have to buy any of the furniture. I did buy some fabric to recover the cushions on the little rocker (which was mine as a child and had oh-so-70s upholstery!

You can't really see the stripes in the curtains here but the stripes we put on the walls match exactly - whee! (I recommend HIGHLY the Benjamin Moore paint, btw, they had paint chips that were about 6x8" big - so much easier to see the real color!)

Yes, we are still working on potty training (note the little potty) and, yes, I use a baby gate to keep her in her room - after that week where she had to go to the ER on Monday, then ruined my kitchen ceiling by flooding the upstairs bathroom on Friday, can you really blame me?

We also lucked out that Lowe's had the cut-to-size roller blinds in the right color. They claim these are offwhite. Yeah, well, they're pink. BUT, they're exactly the right shade of pink so I'm not complaining!

Just so's you know... when I went to check on her about a 1/2 hour ago? Her carpet is flipped over halfway through the room. The contents of the bins in the bookcase (diapers, socks, undies, etc.) are spread liberally throughout the room. She's pushed the bed up to the high boy to get into the top drawers. There are toys and books everywhere. And the potty is somehow in the middle of the room. I should probably take a picture of that too for her baby book but it depresses me too much!!

In other news, please send prayers and positive thoughts my way on Wednesday afternoon. I have an audition for a section leader position. No, this isn't the PPC but would be paid. I'm planning to sing O Thou That Tellest from the Messiah. Overdone? Yes. Could sing it in my sleep and even if the accompanist screws up? Check. Shows my voice well? Check. Unless my voice coach coaxes me into singing the Pergolesi piece we worked on last November, Handel it is.

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Blogger LauraJ said...

That is one beautiful room!! I want to be your little girl and live in that room! I promise to keep the room tidy and neat! And I'll even sew whatever needs to be sewn! Good luck with the singing audition!

2:09 PM  
Blogger smileymamaT said...

The bedroom is gorgeous. The "after" description, however, is far more familiar to me. The girls are 10 - 12 - and 15 now and I haven't seen a room stay clean for more than a half hour in...oh let's see. 15 years give or take. :)
Got an extra seat on that bus to St. Louis?

7:32 PM  
Blogger Jade said...

So... Barbies being lined up along the floor for their parade with Strawberry Shortcake is something I can't complain about, right?


The room is beautiful, and don't feel bad about the baby gate at all... she's a curious little thing and she needs to know her boundaries. It's for her safety as well as your sanity (unless she figures out that she can climb on her potty seat to get out over the baby gate)

1:06 PM  
Blogger Robin said...

Wow! That turned out really nice. I kinda remember the "Before". As far as the messiness, I feel your pain. My anal retentive self had to make sure all the parts from toys with parts were all with the toy. I wanted to be sure nothing was missing cause if it was... well, the toy was ruined. LOL

4:38 PM  
Blogger JerseyTjej said...

Nice job! You can do mine when this is all over...BTW I never had a room that big...even when I bought a house. Let me have those paint chips...they are crying to be altered in some art some how!

3:59 AM  

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