Oct 8, 2008

Redhead Instead

Ok, so I've been tagged by Amanda over at Rainbow Giants to provide 7 interesting facts/things about me. Honestly, I've been feeling very boring lately so I'm not certain I can come up with 7 interesting things so, if you find these are boring rather than interesting, you've been warned.

1. I spend much of my life pretending. Pretending I'm brave; pretending I know what the fuck I'm doing; pretending I like my life/myself; pretending I'm a princess (hey, I never said I was grown up!)

2. My favorite Yankee Candle fragrances are Jack Frost and Water Garden and it (heh) frosts me no end that one can only get Jack Frost in the fall/early winter.

3. I think morning people have a superiority complex. My husband thinks this as well so it's not just me!

4. I, as you might have guessed, am not human before 10 a.m. I'm not exactly sure what I am, mind you, as that would require more awareness than I am capable of mustering at that point.

5. I worry that the other mothers in the various activities I do with my kids think I'm a bad mom. It bothers me that I worry about this.

6. I'm constantly tempted to wear my "bite me" t-shirt to the various activities I do with my kids just to offend the other mothers. I hate that the wussy ass side of me has only let me do this once or twice. (I do compensate for that, however, by wearing it to my mother's.)

7. My hair color is courtesy of Nice & Easy (no. 110 - light auburn). The color that comes out of my head is best classified as "mouse". Mouse may fit who people want me to be but it doesn't fit who I want to be so, fuck it, I'm a redhead instead. Interestingly, when my haircolor is fresh, I get all sorts of lovely compliments like "you look really well rested!" and "you look great today" so I'm pretty sure it suits me and that those people (Mom!) who think I should stick with mouse can put their comments where the 'sun don't shine'.

Well, as I said, I'm pretty sure those aren't very interesting but the baby's crying and I have 2 contracts left to review so that's all she wrote, folks!

Oh, wait, I have to tag people. I'm never any good at this. If you're up for a challenge, consider yourself tagged!!



Blogger Amanda said...

You know, now that you mention it, morning people do seem kind of snotty to us lazy-day-ers... and have you ever noticed how they shame us when we tumble out of bed and fumble for the coffee-maker at 1 P.M.?

I do hope you know, though, that most other mothers are so busy worrying that -you- think -they- are bad moms that they hardly have time to notice whether you are "good or bad mom-ing."
I read that in Good Housekeeping or Redbook or something. I expect that it has a bit of truth to it.

With the shirt: You remind me of the sort of social mother I think I could be, when I have children. "Do I wear this and piss the other mothers off? I would like to piss the other mothers off... but years to come, I'll have to deal with them terrorizing me at PTA meetings... maybe just once. Maybe I'll say 'fuck' in the kitchen while we're all baking brownies for the fundraiser."

Thanks for doing this. ;) I enjoyed it, even if you think it isn't anything special!
Auburn hairs (natural and dyed alike) UNITE! There are some nice auburn dyes out there - I use them periodically when I say "Oh, it's time to go natural." That never lasts too long.

Auburn hair is like possessing some mystic power. Really it is. It's like you're suddenly recognized as a gutsy redhead without seeming too unapproachable. I tell people my natural color is auburn and they're like "OOOOhhOHHhhh WHY DID YOU DYE IT? IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME." As if I just told them that I sold my x-ray vision to Superman or something.

I'll send in the card just in case - thanks for the advice!

3:39 AM  
Anonymous RD said...

Can I play along, too?

1) I was born on a military reservation, 29 Palms Marine Corps Base, after my father came home from Vietnam.

It's a few miles away from Joshua Tree National Park of U2 fame......

2) I still dig 80's New Wave Music: Devo, Duran Duran, English Beat, all the one hit wonders, I miss how MTV used to be........

3) Although, I'm almost forty, I still play D+D. Heck, I've played since 1980. Currently, I'm the DM in a multi-year campaign.

4) I have a gunshot wound.

5) I'm very loud,especially when watching football, either type.

6) When I was growing up, I always thought I was going to be a teacher.

7) I don't like crowds, and people, and being touched...........

As to your list,

1) Never stop.

2) I dunno even know they made Yankees into candles. What does Mickey Mantle smell like? Babe Ruth? Reggie Jackson?

3) I agree. Damn that early bird! May he eat a poisoned worm!

4) I don't function until 11AM, don't even talk to me, but then I go to bed at 3 AM.

5) It's good to worry you are a good parent. God knows, I walk that line, but I only care what the people I respect think.

6) Oh, please do! The gossip clicks would die, the interesting parents would give you a karmic high five.

7) As a red head, I'm approve of your coloring.


5:46 AM  
Blogger PeppyPilotGirl said...



That's just it, you know - I've held off on the t-shirt simply because I'm afraid they might ostracize my kids. Maybe I'll wait until they're in high school/middle school - then I'll be the cool mom even though I won't let them drink at my house!

And AMEN re: the red. As to whether or not it will ever be the same, fortunately, hair grows. Witness that, three years ago, mine was at my ears, now it's halfway down my back. As long as you wear it short, it'll go back fairly quickly!



1. Glad your dad made it home before your arrival!

2. There's a problem with liking '80s music? And, damn it, you're absolutely right, I no longer "want my MTV"...

3. That's cool. My boyfriend in HS was a huge D&D fan but actively did not want me to be in that part of his life (probably shoulda said something to me right there, huh?). I wanted to but being too shy to seek out others... never got to. I lost myself in Tolkien instead and never emerged. Keep at it!

4. Ow.

5. Well, someone has to make up for those of us who creep through life like the fog.

6. From what I've read on your blog, you *are* a teacher... albeit not within a school setting.

7. I'm with you on all of those.

In re: the Yankee Candles... hmmm, MM = bourbon, BR = cigars and cheap perfume, RJ = money. ;) (courtesy of my longtime Yankees fan spouse).

In re: morning/evening - well, I get to bed between 2 and 2:30 a.m. (I work until 1-1:30 ish) but, honestly, I'm just not a morning person.

Thanks for playing along! Hope you're surviving your schedule.


9:45 PM  
Blogger Jade said...

One thing that I remind myself of when I'm around other moms is this: if they have the time to sit and wonder whether or not I'm doing a good job, they need to take a look at their priorities and ask themselves if the time might be better spent paying attention to their own kids (who are invariably off in a corner destroying something)

And ever since I added the red and copper streaks in my hair I've had similar comments. I think auburn has this eye-catching affect that adds a spark.

I took the challenge and posted my 7 things on my blog last night.

11:35 AM  

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