Oct 14, 2008

The Turnabout Intruder

Happy belated Columbus/Native American Day. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Life keeps plugging here.

We went to my brother's outside Wilmington, DE (about a 5 hr drive) Thursday last. My eldest refused to sleep that entire night. Friday, we drove to DC (about a 2.5 hr. drive) to see my great aunt.

Despite being over 45 minutes late, I had to pee so badly I made John stop at a hospital so I could use the bathroom (seriously, I was suspending myself over the seat so that I didn't burst in his car - he'd kill me!). Lucky I did, turns out we were more lost than we thought we were.

At any rate, Aunt Catherine is 93 and she's still plugging away. She's in a retirement community but maintains a garden and so on. Gotta love it. I hadn't seen her since my junior year in high school; it was a delightful visit. The trip home... well, let's just say the 2.5 hour drive turned into a 6 hour drive due to traffic. Then Friday night, the poor baby had a fever and didn't fall asleep until 6:30 a.m. It was funny though - not the fever, those are never funny - but she started crying an hour before we got back to my brother's and the 3 year old took it for about 5 minutes then started wailing "STOP CRYING! STOP CRYING!" I didn't know whether to have John stop in the middle of the road so we could just abandon ship and leave them there or laugh my ass off. I chose the latter. Turnabout is fair play, Miss Difficult!!

So, we're home now. My fall zing hasn't kicked in yet. Usually, my energy level and mood spike in the fall and I'm finding it kind of frustrating that they haven't yet. Soon, I hope!! Maybe then I'll blog more. I hate slog-blogging. I just figure all y'all probably have enough depressing shit in your lives that you don't need to read about mine!

I have a new piece up at the site and a WIP at the jewelry blog if anyone's interested!

Cheers all.

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Blogger LauraJ said...

well you sound in better spirits! here's to long car rides, or not!
Happy Fall!

8:47 AM  
Blogger PeppyPilotGirl said...

Hey, fake it 'til you make it, right?


10:20 PM  
Blogger Greta Adams said...

YAY for aunt catherine..that is awesome!! and i can relate to car trips oh so well...for a second there i thought you were in the car with us for our trip to disney...LOL

10:30 AM  
Blogger Amanda said...

DC Traffic = lethal.
Two superyoung children in a car during a prolonged trip = superlethal.
At least you could take it in stride and laugh. I would have just gotten out and run away. I'm glad you got to have a nice time visiting your family, especially your great-aunt! I want to be active in my 90s...

1:56 AM  

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