Feb 1, 2009

Facebook Foibles

Anyone else feel a certain amount of pressure to put something pithy in their Facebook status line?

It's odd how difficult I find it sometimes - how to find something relatively light and fluffy, that won't scare people, or offend people.

Kelley is fucking sick and tired of always being cold and wearing 18 layers and polarfleece wristies in the house and really wants to go to someplace warm where she can drink without responsibilities. (NOT ok.)
Kelley is freezing her ass off. (ok)

Kelley is a fucking idiot that can't seem to manage to remember whether she means piton or crampon and is too damn lazy to look it up. (NOT ok.)
Kelley has mommy brain. (ok)

Kelley needs about $1000 worth of $200 problems fixed on her car but can't possibly afford it *and* pay her daughter's preschool tuition. (NOT ok.)
Kelley desperately needs new back tires. (ok)

Kelley is pissed off for a stupid reason, feels beaten on by life even though vast numbers of people have it far worse than she does, worries that she's never going to have time to do anything but mother and work, and is lonely. (NOT ok.)
Kelley is grumpy that her favorite wings place isn't taking any orders tonight. Stupid football game!! (ok)

See? It can be done but it's difficult at best sometimes.

On another note, I find it very interesting, now that I've got the whole paid church musician thing going on, how different sermons given by two different priests on the same Gospel can be. And I'd planned to discuss the differences in today's sermons here (it was the Gospel of Mark, the bit about Jesus casting out the unclean spirit within the man in the temple) but I'm pretty sure I can't remember them enough. The second one had to deal with how the unclean spirit was the only one who recognized the divinity of Jesus and then delved into how the Gospels mention the healing power of Jesus 30-some-odd times but that 14 of those times are within the Gospel of Mark - the shortest of all the Gospels and the only one to begin with Jesus already being grown. No doubt, Fr. Tom would be very disappointed that I can't remember his homily but I hope he'll cut me some slack, it was the 8 a.m. Mass and, even though I'd been up since 6, I really wasn't very awake.) It is ironic, however, as the second one is the one I almost fell asleep during.

Kelley is exhausted, barely awake enough to sing, slightly low blood sugary, and freaked out about getting to her second gig on time. (NOT ok.)
Kelley finds that two sermons is one too many. (ok)

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Blogger Jade said...

I was wondering why you weren't on last night...
Sleep is important though :)

11:24 AM  
Blogger PeppyPilotGirl said...

I must've missed you during Facebook's outages - I was actually on until about 12:15 a.m. and signed in the whole time. I think I need to not use the laptop except in the office. Damn plaster walls.

11:47 AM  
Blogger LauraJ said...

i never followed the face book thing. i've a phobia of connecting with people of my past. i just don't like it. i do twitter.

10:49 PM  
Blogger LauraJ said...

ps-i'm sorry life sucks ass for you. oh wait, that's mooseballs. i wish it could be all fairytales and pink ponies and rainbows.

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEY! Stop living my life, or at least writing about it...My worst fear is that I will be all used up when I get through raising kids...God knows I love them, but I damn sure will be glad when their asses grow up and move out! I already suffer from OCD...I have to leave electronic crack alone. Speaking of Mooseballs, I was going to work at zero dark hundred and there was a effin moose standing in the parking area. it was HUGE!!!

1:01 PM  
Blogger smileymamaT said...

heh heh... that was funny. I'm on there but I use it only for people I actually know since I have pics of my kids posted there for family to see (as opposed to my myspace where I have no personal family pics, so anybody and their monkey's uncle is allowed, and it's mostly fun artists or musicians)..
Tory tries to cram every possible update onto her pages but there is no way she can describe what she wants to say in only one line in 15 min a day, especially when she's not feeling well and hasn't added anything to her shop today and her family is not being particularly helpful with housework and she wants to go back to bed instead of going to work at her day job (not OK).
Tory is feeling like crap today (OK).

7:48 AM  

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