Aug 22, 2006

Tempus Fugit... et Fugit, et Fugit, et Fugit

And suddenly nearly a week's gone by since I last posted and people start worrying! Sorry for worrying you, JT, but thank you for being concerned!

My life has been singularly unblogworthy recently. I have been tied up on the devil's own project for work which has involved many extra hours, hours which come very late indeed. The project (a policies and procedures manual) is now up and running and I am doing the happy ThankGodThat'sDone dance whenever I'm not looking at what's accumulated in my inbox over the last week. The manual is a source of some pride, however, in that my co-worker and I won a fight with the powers that be for once. This new manual is, finally, not to be distributed in a paper version but is an HTML document with all the exhibits fully linked. Each chapter is searchable and we will shortly have the entire manual searchable from one location. In my view, this can't help but make a ponderous piece of text a lot more usable (the paper versions never had indexes) and much more easily revised as needed.

As I mentioned at one point, I'm now working primarily from 8 to midnight. Fortunately, I'm a night person. I am much more effective at 10 pm than 10 am. This is a better schedule, I think, in that it allows me to be more fully present with the baby during the day. Unfortunately, it goes against my basic nature. It's hard to play first and work later when one is very solidly in the work first, play later camp. Still, I believe my stress level has gone down. If I can manage to get an hour of work in during the afternoon nap and allow myself an hour's worth of time to play over my work period, I can get through this, I believe.

I have also been busily helping my parents get settled in their new home. In all the time since graduate school, I have never lived less than 350 miles from my parents so it is quite the novelty to have them less than 5 miles away. So far so good, but it's early days yet. Katie is loving the attention and it's nice to have some adult conversation during the day even if it is a debate about removing window treatments and furniture placement. Or a godawful trip to Ikea where I spent the entire day (from 9 am to 5:45 pm plus an hour either side for travel) parenting my mother... "Put that back, we're not buying that. You're supposed to be looking at cupboards." It was a very long and very trying day but we survived. What I may not survive are the constant boxes of stuff that she keeps sneaking into my house because she doesn't have room for them, doesn't need them, doesn't want them, but doesn't want to throw out either.

So, that's my unblogworthy recent life in the cliched nutshell: too much work, too much stuff, not enough time or space. Aren't you thrilled? I know I am. Yeah. That's the ticket. ;)


Blogger Jade said...

Ikea... the store that in our town has a shopping district named after it, at least four bathroom locations (that I've found so far) and a restaurant. By a glimpse at the floorplan alone one can assume a trip there is a trip into a vortex.

Hooray on the victory of the Manual! :D

2:34 PM  
Blogger JerseyTjej said...

So much for a non blog worthy life... I have worked on I think 3 P&P manuals and it was fun for the most part! " were airline related and the third was ISO 9001 certification stuff... i am kinda geeky like that! Tell Mom to send me all of the junk, especially if it is vintage stuff or old papers, letters and things I can use for my collages...You wouldn't BELIEVE what I spend for ribbons, lace and paper just to recreate a damn era that had no place in my vocabulary a year ago, let alone known to me.

3:49 AM  

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