Aug 12, 2006

The Thing I Hate The Most About My Post-Baby Life

is that I can never fucking get anything done.

A list of errands? Forget it - we'll get one (and a half) done in a list of 3 or 4, if that. And the older she gets, the worse it's getting.

Work? Nope. Chances of finishing a project when intended are minimal at best (my apologies to any of my clients who happen across this).

Cleaning? You've got to be kidding me. John (thank God) has taken over much of the cleaning duties because I'm now so ineffectual.

My entire life has been about accomplishment on an everyday scale (we're not talking a Nobel prize here just cramming a great deal into every day and Getting It Done). I'm a work/chores first kind of person. Work hard, play hard. Now life is just plain hard.

I'm having to do my work-work at night because baby is too interruptive during the day, so any downtime I have should be during the day but, funny thing, we're back to interruptive baby again. I look like shit. My brain is rotting. My initiative dissolved months ago. My life has been reduced to an inutterably long series of half-finished tasks and teething rings.

Damn it, I want to Get Something Done!!!


Blogger LauraJ said...


Focus on what you are accompliahing and not what you aren't. Keep a list if it helps you. After a week you'll see that you do a heck of a lot more than you realize.

Watching and nurturing growing children everyday is a feat in and of itself. Congratulations for having come through the first year unscathed.


1:43 PM  
Blogger K said...

Man, I can SO relate to this! I was happy to hear that you could relate to my shape of a mother posting. Thank you for your kind words there!

8:00 AM  

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