Jun 29, 2010

Ten Reasons My Cat and My Kids are Alike

10. Loud wailing noises are typical, particularly in chorus and when you're on the phone.
9. Speaking of the phone, both are a hazard to the phone cord.
8. Both take over the bed.
7. Neither likes to stay put.
6. Wetting their heads is hazardous to everyone involved.
5. Both frequently demand to be fed then turn up their noses at the presented meal.
4. Both like to fill your lap as you sit on the toilet, regardless of your wishes in the matter.
3. Cheerios or fur, it's all the same when it comes to the need to vacuum.
2. Both creep into your bed when you're peaceful asleep and wait for you 2" away from your face.
1. Diapers, Litter Box - enough said.

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