Mar 24, 2006


Kelley's first rule of fashion: caucasians should not wear beige. People should not blend in with their clothes.

Kelley's second rule of fashion: heavy people should not wear beige. It's the whole giant dingy marshmallow thing.

Kelley's fashion frustration: I need a cocktail dress for an event next Friday. I have been unable to find one that doesn't violate both my first and second rules of fashion.



Blogger Jade said...

Ugh, I wish I could help you there, but I've never been able to dress myself very well (aside from last Christmas, when I said "screw it" and wore jeans)

Cocktail dress? That sounds so grown up!

I have found that shopping online before going to the stores helps to save time - I generally like to try things on before I buy them, but at least looking online gives me an idea of what I want to look for.

5:05 PM  
Blogger peppypilotgirl said...

Good idea! I spent a good part of yesterday evening doing just that -- Since I have limited shopping time (and don't particularly enjoy it), I figured, better to figure out which stores I had the best shot at. Today, I'm headed for Penney's and Nordstrom. I may hit Lane Bryant while I'm there; I have a feeling it won't be conservative enough for the event we're going to though (military retirement dinner).

9:10 AM  

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