Mar 16, 2006

Regina Who?

I like my choir director. I really do. He's funny. More importantly, he's an excellent musician. But sometimes I wonder what planet he's coming from. I was always taught that, in Latin, at least sung Latin, e is pronounced as a long a. Therefore, Regina Coeli (Queen of Heaven) would be pronounced Ray'-gee-nah Chay'-lee unlike my sister's good friend's name, which is pronounced Reh'-gee-nah.

Well, Mr. AntiFlyingButILovePeppyPilotGirlAnyway is off to the Big D (little a - double l - a - s) for the first round of March Madness. In 11 years (12 years?) of doing this, at all sort of venues, all over the country, they still have never seen a team from (a) any of their alma maters, (b) any of their home towns, or (c) any of the towns they currently reside in. How cruel the fates are.

And, in the meantime, I have gone to visit old friends about 45 minutes up the highway, stopped at the bookstore, been to choir rehearsal with the baby, washed all the dishes and the baby (much to her very loud chagrin), and set two business appointments. I'm Getting Stuff Done.

Woo and hoo.


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