Sep 11, 2009

A Different Day

It's pouring today - gray skies, chilled air. More late October than early September.

It was not this way 8 years ago. It was one of the most stunningly beautiful early fall days I've seen. The sky was blue - oh so very blue - and the air was the perfect fall temperature - just warm enough to make a jacket unnecessary. The leaves were just starting to turn here on a few trees.

It was, in short, utterly incongruous with the hatred- and jet-fuelled destruction unleashed on New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. A day filled with that much horror should have had weather in keeping: rain, snow, windchill, sleet. Anything but the crystalline clarity of the colors and air that surrounded us.

Though I still enjoy that type of fall day very much, I can't help but think of the lives lost that day when I experience one.



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