Aug 23, 2010

Another brilliant zinger... another vodka stinger...

When *headdesk* becomes a way of life... one winds up with a perpetual headache and needs a larger stash of vodka.

The two year old is now in a big girl bed and is potty training. The second is going quite well - we're down to 2-3 pairs of wet undies/day. The first is an unmitigated disaster; she is entirely too thrilled with the freedom. As a result, the girls aren't getting to sleep until at least 10:30 (they go to bed at 7). I'm concerned how this will play out once the five year old starts Kindergarten in a week and a couple days.

Said five year old is doing her level best to drive me stark raving mad. This little cutie said to me, as we all ate breakfast and I didn't get the food in the baby's mouth quick enough to suit the baby, "well, if my baby were crying, I'd pay attention to him." Yeah. She ignores every instruction she doesn't want to hear, wails like a banshee and/or ignores her punishments, and is generally as disrespectful as a teenager (actually, I think that may be an insult to teenagers). Pass the fermented potatoes - hey, it can be mixed with OJ; that makes it breakfast appropriate, doesn't it?

Random other things:

Newington schools says "no kids" for Open House but insists on their presence at parent-teacher conferences.

I have all of 2 social events scheduled in all of August that don't involve kids. They're the same night.

I'm loaded with ideas to blog about during the day when I don't have time to access the computer but my mind goes curiously blank in the evening.

I need to start being creative again. Not making is killing me slowly.

"Ladies Who Lunch", Company, Stephen Sondheim

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Anonymous IWOM said...

Trade you one husband 'working from home' again today -- since the protesters at his rightful place of employment are still at The Bank's HQ vandalizing away and giving the boys in blue lots of overtime -- for your sprogs.

Just for the day.

Just for a change.

3:44 AM  
Blogger PeppyPilotGirl said...

Hmmm... can you send that sauvignon blanc with him? ;)

11:46 PM  
Blogger Jade said...

Once the school year begins, you'll be able to settle into something of a routine... and your teenager will have both a not-you outlet during the day, and activity that will help tire her out... so perhaps she'll have less teenage angst by the time she comes home.

Hopefully that will all allow you to have some creative outlet time for yourself.

3:14 PM  

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