Aug 5, 2010

6 weeks??!

Oy. I know I've been busy but, yeesh!

And tonight's just a shiny object too... bad blogger!!

Vacation pix from my trip to Portland and Seattle!

Highlights of the trip:
bacon maple bars (blissful sigh)
listening to ATC from BDL to PDX (happy pilot girl)
meeting one of my very best friends for the first time (she's as great in person and just as I expected)
meeting new friends and a cranky cat (grateful not to have been attacked)
wearing combat boots and not having anyone look at me funny
not having anyone wipe their nose on me
not having to fight for sole use of my water bottle
taking all the photographs I wanted (I narrowed those at the link down from 600+) without having anyone leave me behind inadvertently (that happens to me a lot normally)
did I mention the bacon maple bars?
coffee, coffee, and more coffee (except for Sunday nights - LOL!)

Downsides of the trip:
getting up at 4:30 a.m.
my arrival at home being a nonevent for my family
um... there must be something else but I can't think of it now!

The best part though? Just being Kelley. Not Mom, nor wife, nor worker, nor daughter. Just Kelley. It was absolutely glorious.

Can't wait to do it again next year. Hopefully, they'll have me back!

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Blogger Brightdreamer said...

Nice photos! Sounds like you enjoyed your trip. (And, hey, if the family didn't notice you gone, why wait a year to sneak out of the house again?)

cardin - instructions for idiots on an ATM

2:06 AM  
Anonymous Harriet M. Welsch said...

Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. When are you coming to Chicago? We have great fountains too! I was wondering the other day whether you got any pictures of Northampton when I was there in February. I'd love to see them if you did!

7:24 AM  
Blogger LJ said...

The highlights far outweight the downsides. You MUST do this for yourself again! :)

8:37 AM  
Anonymous IWOM said...

You haven't written for six weeks...though you might have stayed out there....


9:38 AM  
Blogger Jade said...

We will absolutely have you back next year, and every year after until you get sick of me! :)

There's a lot of scenery to shoot out here, we can go on mad explorations. And I'll keep an eye out for good doors for ya.

1:00 PM  

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