Aug 10, 2010

I've got my laptop for pleasure and my guitar for pain...

Pteranodons are not dinosaurs Who knew?
I do know, however, that pteranodon screeches practiced in the car alarm the driver.

I like having my car to myself. I almost never have my car to myself.

I regulate my mood through music. Usually kid-inappropriate music.
I also regulate my mood through chocolate and booze. Both of which are too caloric to eat/drink to levels which will functionally elevate my spirits. (Heh, booze, spirits, get it?) Not to mention, using any substance to regulate one's mood is probably a bad idea.
Thus, my mood.

I hate my job but I can't gripe about it to Mr. PPG because he gets depressed that he doesn't make enough money so that I don't have to work. (This, mind you, is (sincerely) not my intention but an inevitable result.)

Where was I going with this? I don't remember. Oh well, tomorrow is also a day filled with wet underwear.

Jay Brannan, from the Goddamned album. As opposed to the goddamned album. Which it certainly isn't. He's coming to Portland/Seattle and a bunch of other places that aren't near me. Go see him if they're near you. Great voice. Great lyrics. Great use of rhythm for emphasis.

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Blogger Brightdreamer said...

Nope, pterosaurs weren't dinosaurs. Neither were Dimetrodons, those sail-backed critters everyone lumps in with dinos. (They were one of those "mammal-like reptiles," last I heard, unless they reorganized the categories again. Like how some people now think Torosaurus and Triceratops may have been the same species at different stages of maturity. But I digress...)

Sucks you can't just vent without someone taking it as a personal attack. (Been there, done that... am there, still doing that, actually... dang, I need a few extra jobs to get the heck outta here...)

aphou - the sound of sneezing with one's mouth full.

2:39 AM  

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