Aug 13, 2007

23 Random Things for the Easily Entertained

because, Lord knows, they sure aren't terribly interesting otherwise! Honestly, I wouldn't be subjecting y'all to these if I hadn't been specifically tagged (and then reminded).

1. I won 3rd place in an energy use awareness poster contest in 5th grade. My poster featured a duck outline with various energy saving ideas inside and the headline "If we don't save energy, we're all dead ducks!" I won a yellow clipboard folder that I had for many, many years and, actually, I think I still have it somewhere.

2. I really don't want to review the contract I am reviewing. Reviewing contracts is BORING.

3. My shoes had to be special-ordered when I was a kid because my feet were so wide.

4. I have a high tolerance for mess but, after a while, the mess makes me feel frantic.

5. I've finished reviewing that contract and have no excuse to not do this meme.

6. My daughter has a really obnoxious toy that goes off randomly at night and freaks me out.

7. When I was single, I used to take The X-Files on Friday nights and watch it Saturday mornings because it freaked me out too much to watch it alone at night.

8. In between my sophomore and junior years of college, my friends and I used to go and hang out at the Perkins a couple of towns away - it was open 24 hours and we'd sit there drinking coffee until 2 am and then I'd have to get up at 5:30 to catch a ride to work with my parents. It was the Summer of Caffeine.

9. A couple of times when we were there, someone egged my (parents') car. I always wondered why someone would feel the need to be that mean to me.

10. I accidentally punched Julie P in the boob in 9th grade homeroom.

11. I am really stretching here...

12. I love licorice allsorts, toffee almond crunch, and buttered popcorn jelly bellies.

13. My c-section scar still bothers me (physically) sometimes.

14. I absolutely loathe mushy bread-type foods - from stuffing to bread pudding - YUCK! The same goes for virtually all custards/souffles/creme brulees/etc. The texture makes me slightly sick.

15. The song on my iTunes at the moment is Semisonic's "Closing Time". "Time for you to go out to the places you will be from... Gather up your jackets and move it to the exits; I hope you have found a friend... every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

16. I actually kind of like "Goodnight Moon" but I really dislike that Pooh book with the sounds.

17. I'm not good at meditating. I'd like to be but I just won't put in the effort needed to get there.

18. If I could do any job I wanted in the world, I'd be torn between Broadway star, astronaut, and fighter pilot.

19. When we were young, we had an enormous vegetable garden which we kids had to weed. Our neighbor, Mrs. Swift, used to call my mother and tell her when we were goofing off instead of weeding. Someone who would go away on vacation and leave food on the stove in pots really had no business doing that! (We used to water their plants and feed the poor fish/hermit crab du jour.)

20. Up until the moment I got my diploma, I was sure that Smith was going to realize that admitting me was a mistake and tell me to finish my degree somewhere else.

21. I have come to peace with being the ornamental child. So has my mother. Finally.

22. I have not come to peace with my weight. Neither has my mother.

23. I am still not going to send my Pelikan to JerseyTjej. Sorry, JT.

Ha! I'm done! Woohoo!! (Except that now I have to go enter invoices into my jewelry parts database - doesn't *that* sound like fun?)

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Blogger LauraJ said...

That was fun to read!
4-me too!!
7-I watch scary/horror movies in the daytime because I won't watch them at night alone.
14-exactly why I don't eat bananas!
17-yup! I bought a lovely little book a couple months ago 1000 meditations. Have I used it? ummm not yet.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous harriet said...

I used to watch X-Files with a group of friends for that same reason. One night, after the airing of a particularly scary one that took place, in part, in a jail, my friend R. walked me home. I got in and turned on the radio and heard about a jailbreak downstate. A couple of minutes later, the power went out (this happened a lot in my old place because a colony of monk parakeets had built a huge nest on the utility pole next to my building). I had to go down to the basement to check the fuses with a flashlight. Alone. I was petrified and I didn't sleep for several days.

9:58 AM  

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