Aug 12, 2007

I Can Space Again!

I suppose I shouldn't be nearly as excited about having my laptop back as I am. But that's just too bad. Because I am very excited - the Comfy Chair in the sunroom is much easier on my behind than my office chair and there is no good place to put my feet up in my office.

A big shout out to Fujitsu as they turned my laptop around in approximately 2 business days from when they received it. Worth buying the 3 year warranty, I tell ya. Of course, it cost $26 to ship my laptop there but, hey, I've got to bet it would've cost me a lot more to have the keyboard replaced locally.

So, what's been going on?

Well, I did well at the show in Cape May but, as I think I told y'all, my daughter ripped the drapes down in a restaurant. It was a stressful weekend but at least marginally profitable and very emotionally profitable in terms of positive comments on my jewelry and sale of one of my couture pieces. I always hate to see those go but this young couple were so sweet and she loved the necklace so that it was worth it. That piece never made it onto my website (in fact, the photos are still in my camera!) but I'll get it up in the "favorite sold pieces" gallery soon.

No sooner had we come back from Cape May than the whole no-space-bar thing happened. By the time I got the laptop packed up and shipped out, I needed to pack myself and ready the household for my 3 days away at a company retreat for my part time job. I went off to a resort on Sunday afternoon and didn't return until Tuesday night. I had the first 24 hours predominantly to myself. It was the first significant "alone" time I've had in 2 years. So, what did I do? This is a tad embarrassing but, well, I put on my PJs and plunked myself down on the couch in my hotel suite with a borrowed laptop to write. I didn't even turn the giant TV on, didn't surf the web. Nope. Coworkers stopped by to see if I wanted to go out with them. Nope. I drank wine, ate junk food, and wrote. It was absolutely wonderful. That story will probably sit for another 2 years until I get more alone time but, hey, I made a start at least.

I do feel vaguely guilty that I didn't miss my daughter and husband more but, man, it sure felt good just to be *alone*! I am a solitary beast by nature and all the enforced sociability just grates on me after awhile.

So, I get back on Tuesday night and immediately have to jump into Director of Music Ministry interviews/auditions on Wednesday, then I have to prep for houseguests that arrived Friday night for a party on Saturday. We had a blast - my sister and her friend are a lot of fun and we read Tarot cards, drank a *lot* of booze, and ate and she sold purses and life was grand.

I finally unpacked my suitcase today and got my bedroom at least marginally tidied (the dresser top will have to wait for another day, I'm afraid). I have the office to do yet - for the last 3 weeks, all incoming supplies have been heaped in a pile on the client chair and there are stacks of crap everywhere. 3 weeks ago, my office looked great - but with the coming and going and then the frantic shifting of stuff so as to be able to use the desktop computer from the other side of the desk (so I didn't have to move the chair back and forth over the desk (small office) each time I wanted to use teh jewelry bench or computer) and then the shoveling of all the crap from the kitchen into my office (to hide it for the party) - my office looks horrific. I shudder every time I walk in there. I have so much jewelry to make to bring stock levels back up but I think I'll take tomorrow's naptime just to tidy and organize my office.

And that's all there is. G'night everyone!

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Blogger LauraJ said...

I need a nap just reading all that! You are one busy woman!!
(PS-THE neighbour just turned 35 yesterday.)

8:31 AM  
Blogger smileymamaT said...

The solitary beast - I so get that. I just like to be alone sometimes, it's just my nature, it's my idea of a good relaxing day. Some of my friends don't understand that, but my family does, and that helps!

10:54 PM  

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