Apr 20, 2006

The Lilacs Are Coming! The Lilacs Are Coming!

Or, more accurately, the lilacs have budded. I am beyond thrilled. I planted those lilacs the spring after we'd moved into the house because the house I grew up in had lilacs on all the corners. When I planted them, they were only about a foot tall; they're taller than I am (5' 7") now. They were supposed to bloom 3 years ago (according to lilac lore) and I'd pretty much given up hope.

I went out to look at my garden today and glanced at the lilacs with the usual dose of frustration when I noticed some frondy bits. I looked closer. I did a jig while holding the baby.

Ok, so I didn't do a jig. I'm just not coordinated enough for that. But I did rejoice in heart and soul.


Blogger graymama said...

What a nice gift! You must have an angel on your side :-)

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Jana said...

I totally understand the lilac thing. There is a lilac bush in my mom's backyard that we planted from a clipping from my aunt's lilac bush before they moved from their old house. I remember when we planted it there. IIRC, 1988. Now I go out and look at it -- or more accurately, look UP at it -- and wonder when did it get so big?? I swear it's TWICE my height. I'm 5'2". The thing it gigantic! It's been blooming for many years now, but I never fail to be happy when the blooms first appear each Spring. They are just blooming nicely now. Yay!

8:51 AM  

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