Nov 19, 2006

21 Day Challenge | Day 4 | Cry Now

Cry Now

"Try not to be too sad" says someone.

What is, I ask you, "too sad"?

(My daughter has taken her shoes off.)

Should I not rend my clothes, tear my hair,
cover myself in ashes for the child that is no longer?
Should I not weep for the life that is gone?

(My daughter retrieves her shoes from the table.)

Is it not disrespectful to my husband, my daughter,
the child that will not emerge from my womb
to fail to acknowledge our loss?

I will cry now.

I will clutch at my husband's shirt,
bringing his arms around me in desperate need.

I will brokenly bemoan the fates
that have taken from us this child.

I will not be too sad.

(My daughter is talking to her shoes.)

No, I will weep with fury and grief and agony.

I will not be too sad.

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Anonymous Jen said...

As ive said before
express it how you need to
its in the greif and how we express it where we find healing

9:00 PM  

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